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Media Supply Chain

From Live Ingest to Revenue Generating Highlights: NAB Live Workflows powered by AWS


Broadcasters struggle to efficiently ingest, manage, and monetize live content from events like NAB while ensuring high-quality, enriched assets are readily available for multi-platform distribution. This demo showcases an integrated solution using event-driven workflows that streamlines the process from ingest to distribution. By automating the workflow and incorporating AI-driven metadata enrichment and highlight creation this demo illustrates how broadcasters can optimize live content management, reduce manual effort, and accelerate the delivery of revenue generating highlights across various channels, maximizing the value of their live content.

Schedule and Metadata management with MetaBroadcast

Schedule and Metadata Management with MetaBroadcast simplifies the organization and distribution of accurate program schedules and metadata across platforms. It streamlines the management process, reduces errors, and improves efficiency. Media companies benefit from enhanced user experiences, increased viewer engagement, and loyalty.

Live Ingest, Segmentation, Asset Management and Cutting with Dalet InStream, Flex, and Cut

Live Ingest, Segmentation, Asset Management, and Cutting with Dalet InStream, Flex, and Cut addresses the challenges of managing live content, from ingestion to Video OnDemand creation, in a fast-paced media environment. The integrated solution streamlines the workflow by automating live content ingest, intelligently segmenting content into meaningful assets, organizing and managing these assets in a centralized repository, and enabling quick, content editing and repurposing. By implementing Dalet InStream, Flex, and Cut, media organizations can significantly reduce time-to-market, optimize resource utilization, and maximize the value of their live content, ultimately increasing audience engagement, advertising revenue, and operational efficiency.

Highlight creation, summarization, and metadata generation with Nomad Media

Highlight Creation, Summarization, and Metadata Generation with Nomad Media addresses the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of manually creating engaging content highlights, concise summaries, and descriptive metadata for large volumes of media assets. It provides an AI-powered solution that automatically analyzes video content, identifies key moments and themes, and generates compelling highlights, summaries, and metadata tags, greatly reducing the effort required to make content more discoverable and engaging. By leveraging Nomad Media's solution, media companies can significantly enhance their content's visibility, increase viewer engagement and retention, and unlock new monetization opportunities through improved content recommendations and targeted advertising, ultimately driving revenue growth and competitive advantage in the digital media landscape.

Creating a shopping cart experience with Veritone Digital MediaHub

Veritone Digital MediaHub's Shopping Cart Experience integrates e-commerce into media platforms, enabling effective monetization of digital assets. It provides a user-friendly interface for viewers to purchase media generated from the previous steps in this workflow. Media companies benefit from new revenue streams, and enhanced engagement, driving growth and customer lifetime value.


 From Live Ingest to Revenue Generating Highlights: NAB Live Workflows powered by AWS
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