AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET simplifies the process of refactoring applications into independent services. Modernize and transform your applications with an assistive tool that analyzes source code and runtime metrics to graph your application and its dependencies. Microservice Extractor for .NET assists in code refactoring and extraction of the codebase into separate code projects that teams can develop, build, and operate independently to improve agility, uptime, and scalability.

Application Visualization

AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET uses source code analysis and runtime metrics to produce a visualization that shows dependency graphs, runtime metrics (for example, runtime call counts), and static references between code artifacts (for example, classes). You can use the visualization and call counts to understand dependencies between components and identify the heavily called ones. Additionally, Microservice Extractor for .NET provides you with alternate visualization for grouping based on namespaces and islands.

Code extraction

After manually removing dependencies to prepare parts of the application for extraction (shown as “islands” in the visualization), you can use Microservice Extractor for .NET to extract API endpoints. Microservice Extractor for .NET carves out the code that underlies these API endpoints by replacing local calls with network calls. You may then develop, build, and deploy these projects as you see fit. AWS recommends that you thoroughly test your application after transforming it with Microservice Extractor for .NET before using it in production.

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