Amazon OpenSearch Service is a managed OpenSearch service. For additional information on the open source search solution, OpenSearch, check out the OpenSearch documentation.


re:Invent videos 2021

What’s new in Amazon OpenSearch Service (51:33)
OpenSearch: Building the future of search together (26:46)
Observability the open source way (54:56)
Reduce downtime with Amazon OpenSearch Service (31:52)
Delivering life-changing medicines at AstraZeneca with data and AI (48:53)

Event videos and webinars

Importance of an open source search and analytics suite

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Building multi-tenant solutions with Amazon OpenSearch Service

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Top five things to know about OpenSearch (28:16)
Getting up and running with OpenSearch (39:31)
Introducing Amazon OpenSearch Service (29:57)
What is OpenSearch (55:51)
Modernize log analytics at Capital One (31:20)


Amazon OpenSearch Service

Amazon OpenSearch Service: A quick start guide

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to get started quickly with OpenSearch, populate OpenSearch Service indexes, and perform searches using the search API.

The ELK stack

The benefits of the ELK stack without the operational overhead

In this tutorial, you'll learn how you can leverage the benefits of the ELK stack without the operational overhead.

Root cause analysis

Root cause analysis: 4 tips for troubleshooting defects faster

In this tutorial, you'll learn what root cause analysis is and how you can use it to find and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Operational intelligence

Operational intelligence: Insights that matter in your logs

In this tutorial, you'll learn what operational intelligence is and explain what you should do to leverage its power to help your organization thrive.

Blog posts

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OpenSearch includes certain Apache-licensed Elasticsearch code from Elasticsearch B.V. and other source code. Elasticsearch B.V. is not the source of that other source code. ELASTICSEARCH is a registered trademark of Elasticsearch B.V.

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