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Introducing Horizontal Pod Autoscaling for Amazon EKS
Brandon Chavis
August 31 2018

Rust Expands its Reach at RustConf 2018
Tom Kirchner
August 26 2018

Getting Started with Istio on Amazon EKS
Matt Turner
August 24 2018

Improvements for Amazon EKS Worker Node Provisioning
Brandon Chavis and Micah Hausler
August 23 2018

EKoSystem Day SF & NYC – Video Replay
Chris Hein
August 16 2018

AWS Open Source and More in Vancouver for OSSNA
Shirley Bailes
August 3 2018

Amazon VPC CNI Plugin Version 1.1 Now Available
Brandon Chavis and Tony Pujals
July 26 2018

AWS EKoSystem Day, Kubernetes Birthday Edition: A Day with the EKS Community
Saptak Sen
July 16 2018

Tracing End-to-End Performance of Messaging Applications Built on Apache Kafka Using AWS X-Ray
Bharath Kumar
July 13 2018

Sailing with Spinnaker on AWS
Anuj Sharma, Alolita Sharma, and Paul Roberts
July 12 2018

Building a Data Processing Pipeline with Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Kubeless
Murali Reddy
July 7 2018

eksctl: Amazon EKS Cluster with One Command
Ilya Dmitrichenko
July 4 2018

Raising Helm – to Enterprise Scale
Baruch Sadogursky
June 30 2018

Integrating LDAP/AD Users to Kubernetes RBAC with the AWS-IAM-Authenticator Community Project
Muffadal Quettawala, Nishi Davidson, and Omar Lari
June 26 2018

Open Source News Roundup: June 22, 2018
Deirdré Straughan

Style Dictionary Hackathon!
Charles Dorner
June 15 2018

Twenty Years of Open Source at OSCON 2018
Shirley Bailes
June 14 2018

Announcing aws-record-generator
Yash Sharma
June 13 2018

Announcing EKoSystem Day – A Day with the EKS Community
Shirley Bailes
June 5 2018

Running FaaS on Kubernetes Cluster on AWS using Kubeless
Sebastien Goasguen
June 4 2018

Unified Service Discovery with Amazon ECS and Kubernetes
Alexandr Moroz
May 31 2018

Amazonian Pythonistas at PyCon 2018
Alolita Sharma
May 30 2018

kube-aws: Highly Available, Scalable, and Secure Kubernetes on AWS
Yusuke Kuoka
May 24 2018

Open Network User Group (ONUG) Spring Conference
Adrian Cockcroft
May 21 2018

AWS SDK for Ruby at RailsConf 2018
Alex Wood
May 19 2018

AWS Hygge at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon
Shirley Bailes
May 18 2018

Open Source News Roundup: May 11, 2018

Microservices on AWS Compute Using Containers and Serverless
Arun Gupta
May 7 2018

Provision AWS Services Through Kubernetes Using the AWS Service Broker
Mandus Momberg
May 2 2018

Running AWS Fargate with virtual-kubelet
Nishi Davidson, Onur Filiz
May 1 2018

Deploying the Heptio Authenticator to kops
Chris Hein
April 27 2018

Open Sourcing Encryption in Transit for Redis
Gaurav Kumar, Maddy Olson, Kevin McGehee, and Rajib Dugar
April 25 2018

Parallelizing S3 Workloads with s5cmd
April 20 2018

Podcasts about Chaos Engineering, Open Source, and Microservices
Adrian Cockcroft
April 16 2018

Mastering Kubernetes on AWS – Video Replay
Arun Gupta
April 14 2018

Open Source Korean Analyzer Support in Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Pallavi Priyadarshini and Vengadanathan Srinivasan
April 5 2018

AWS Presents at the Open Source Leadership Summit 2018
Alolita Sharma
April 4 2018

Hygieia and the Capital One DevOps Journey
Topo Pal
March 29 2018

SCaLE 16x
March 21 2018
Deirdré Straughan

ClearlyDefined: Crowdsourcing Open Source Project Data
Jacob Peddicord
March 6 2018

Running APIs Written in Java on AWS Lambda
Stefano Buliani
February 28 2018

Exploring the Networking Foundation for EKS: amazon-vpc-cni-k8s + Calico
Omar Lari
February 28 2018

Bringing Cloud Provider Support to Kubernetes on DC OS
Chris Hein
February 25 2018

FOSDEM: Kicking Off 2018 With Europe’s Largest FOSS Event
Shirley Bailes and Alolita Sharma
February 23 2018

Amazonians and Hacktoberfest
Deirdré Straughan
February 13 2018

Pipelines For Container Applications Made Easy with mu
Casey Lee
February 5 2018

Style Dictionary: An Open Source Tool for Building Customer Trust Through Design Consistency
Deirdré Straughan
February 2 2018

Riding the Unicorn: A Newbie Contributor’s Guide to Kubernetes
Arun Gupta
January 22 2018

Network Load Balancer Support in Kubernetes 1.9
Micah Hausler
January 11 2018

Cloud Native Computing
Adrian Cockcroft
January 7 2018

Onwards! To the Year of Open Source
Zaheda Bhorat
December 28 2017

Running Bleeding-Edge Kubernetes on AWS with kops
Micah Hausler
December 23 2017

The Wheel
Deirdré Straughan
December 19 2017

Run Kubernetes on Your Laptop
Arun Gupta
December 16 2017

re:Invent Open Source Recap
Deirdré Straughan
December 7 2017

Announcing FreeRTOS Kernel Version 10
Deirdré Straughan
November 29 2017

Better Random Number Generation Lands in OpenSSL, libc, and Linux Mainline
Colm Maccarthaigh
November 22 2017

Welcome to the AWS Open Source Blog
Deirdré Straughan
Nov 22 2017

Other Articles and Blog Posts

Building, deploying, and operating containerized applications with AWS Fargate
Jason Umiker, AWS Solutions Architect
July 23 2018

AWS Deep Learning AMIs now with optimized TensorFlow 1.9 and Apache MXNet 1.2 with Keras 2 support to accelerate deep learning on Amazon EC2 instances
Sumit Thakur
July 23 2018

Using Chalice to Serve SageMaker Predictions
Julien Simon
April 26 2018

AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Implementation is Now Open-Source
April 4 2018

AWS Documentation is Now Open Source and On GitHub
Jeff Barr
March 13 2018

An Open Source tool using AWS Cost Explorer APIs for Reporting AWS Costs
Greg Fedynyshyn
April 27 2018

How the AWS Schema conversion tool drove Trimble’s database migration successes to Open Source
Kwesi Edwards and Todd Hofert (Trimble)
February 13 2018

Develop and Extract Value from Open Data with Open Street Maps Datasets
Daniel Bernao
February 12 2018

Amazon Polly Gives WordPress a Voice
Steven Word and Tomasz Stachlewski
February 8 2018  

Model Server for Apache MXNet introduces ONNX support and Amazon CloudWatch integration
Hagay Lupesko, Jonathan Esterhazy, Ruofei Yu
February 5 2018

Challenges When Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL—and How to Overcome Them
Silvia Doomra, AWS and David Rader, OpenSCG
February 1 2018

Analyzing Bitcoin Data: AWS CloudFormation Support for AWS Glue with Apache Spark, Apache Zeppelin
Luis Colon
January 30 2018  

Building Blocks of Amazon ECS
Tiffany Jernigan
January 24 2018

Announcing AWS Amplify and the AWS Mobile CLI
Richard Threlkeld
21 NOV 2017

Apache MXNet—the fruit of cross-institutional collaboration
Timothy McGovern
25 SEP 2017

Manage Kubernetes Clusters on AWS Using CoreOS Tectonic
Arun Gupta
13 SEP 2017

9 AUG 2017

Past Tutorials & Talks

re:Invent 2017, Las Vegas, USA
November 27 - December 1 2017
re:Invent 2017, Las Vegas, USA
November 27 - December 1 2017
re:Invent 2017, Las Vegas, USA
November 27 - December 1 2017
re:Invent 2017, Las Vegas, USA
November 27 - December 1 2017
re:Invent 2017, Las Vegas, USA
November 27 - December 1 2017
Adrian Cockcroft and Zaheda Bhorat
re:Invent 2017, Las Vegas, USA
November 27 - December 1 2017
Zaheda Bhorat
OSCON, Austin, USA
May 8 - 11 2017

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