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“Amazon Aurora allowed me to do something innovative. We didn’t have to wait for infrastructure to be procured and provisioned, and we didn’t have to free up DBA’s.” – Lance Johnson, Director of Engineering Cloud R&D

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"With Amazon Aurora, we’re moving up the stack to focus on delivering more value to our customers and not the virtual machines we’re managing." – Ed Brennan, Chief Architect for Acquia


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"It’s a very rapid process from 'let’s do it,' to the proof of concept, to getting it done on Amazon Aurora. We have one DBA working on it and another person helping him, and we expect to have a production workload running at scale in under two months.” – Paul Fisher, Chief Architect, Alert Logic

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“Prepping and getting a database cluster up and running took three weeks for installing,
confirming network, testing for latency. On Amazon Aurora we’re now able to effectively do it in a day. – Jay Deen, CTO, Amdocs Media

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“Running on Amazon Aurora provides a better end-customer experience. Now, we have the visibility to do the remediation necessary to make sure the experience is seamless, so customers don’t see issues.” – Umesh Toprani, Vice President, Cloud Operations at Barracuda Networks

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“Amazon Aurora provides the open source database management layer we’ve been looking for.” – Raj Cheruvu AVP R&D, Helix ITSM at BMC



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“With AWS, it feels like I have a team of engineers waiting to help me. I couldn’t get that value by hiring one more person; I would have to hire ten.” – Bret Bills Director of Engineering at Domo, Inc


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"Aurora has provided operational value, speed to market, cost, and ultimately customer value. AWS constantly provides us with new innovation that you can't build internally." – Grant Gordon, CTO, EPSi


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“With Amazon Aurora, we were able to bring Detection On Demand to the market in a matter of months thanks to its serverless architecture and fully managed database services. – Martin Holste CTO, Cloud at FireEye


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“Compared to commercial databases, we observed similar or better performance at the 90th percentile. But at the 99th percentile, we saw even better response times.” – Kevin De Yager Senior Product Manager for InsuranceSuite Cloud Guidewire


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"We're evaluating migrating our relational datastore from SQL Server to Aurora. The most important thing to us is the flexibility. Whereas with SQL Server, it's very cumbersome. The goal is to introduce a modern relational data store that allows us to scale at will as our customer onboard." – Jared Neilsen, Sr. Director Cloud Ops & Devops, ivanti

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“Amazon Aurora has become the default choice for any kind of relational data for us because of its ease of use.” – John Peterson Vice President of Engineering, Sophos



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“Moving to Amazon Aurora allows us to reclaim 15% of our operations team’s time.” – Zac Sprackett SVP Product Management, SugarCRM


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We went from being a bottleneck in our customer’s lifecycle to being invisible and even an enhancement in their process due to Aurora. – Steve Quane Executive Vice President, Network Defense and Hybrid Cloud Security, Trend Micro

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Vindicia migrates multi-tenant SaaS subscription management platform to Amazon Aurora for scalability. "Beyond defraying the costs, the move to AWS makes the tedious on-premises jobs we worry about go away. We look forward to using the capabilities of Amazon Aurora to access data more efficiently." – Steven Azar, Senior Manager of Data Programs

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