Data Warehouse Modernization

Unlock insights and modernize your data warehouse with Amazon Redshift

Modernizing Your Data Warehouse on AWS

With ever-growing data, organizations can gain valuable insights from analytics. However, to cost-effectively capture and analyze data, they must first modernize legacy on-premises data warehouses, which are often costly and slow to scale. This makes it difficult to ingest, process, and analyze data quickly enough to gain time-sensitive insights. Additionally, legacy data warehouse solutions often lack the flexibility and speed to run analytics on new data types at the velocity needed in modern IT.

The flexibility of AWS and AWS Partner Network (APN) enables you to modernize your data warehouse in a way that empowers people throughout your organization to easily ask and answer questions of your data in real-time. AWS and its APN Data and Analytics Competency Partners offer a complete set of services to implement the entire data warehousing workflow, from consulting migration, data ingest to data lake storage, data warehousing analytics, and visualization of results.  

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Featured APN Competency Partners


Informatica empowers your organization to access, integrate, manage, and govern all of your data.

Equinox Gets Analytics in Shape with Data Warehouse Modernization

Learn how Equinox modernized its analytics with an agile solution that scales as data grows using Informatica and Amazon Redshift for its modern data warehouse.


Tableau helps you visualize your data with a modern data warehouse on AWS.

Unlock Insights & Reduce Costs by Modernizing Your Data Warehouse on AWS

Pearson—an education and media conglomerate—will share in detail how they built a scalable and flexible business intelligence platform on the cloud using Tableau and AWS.


Matillion helps you connect data sources to unlock hidden insights.

Harness the Power of Data Using Amazon Redshift and Matillion

Hear how Clutch ingests, transforms, and maneuvers its customer data using Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift.


Looker reinvents the way business intelligence (BI) works by delivering an entirely new kind of data discovery solution.

Looker is a modern business intelligence and data exploration platform that allows users of all skill levels to explore and visualize data—without unmanageable complexity. Looker is designed for data analysts and line-of-business users.

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See How Indiegogo Built a 360 Data View with Looker and AWS

Hear how Indiegogo analyst teams have a common data dictionary after implementing Looker, a modern business intelligence and data exploration platform, hosted on Amazon EC2 and Amazon Redshift.


Talend helps you enable advanced sales and marketing analytics, and modernize your data warehouse.

Data to Insights in Minutes With Talend Stitch Data Loader

In this solution brief, you'll find out how to get insights from your data in minutes, enable advanced sales and marketing analytics, and modernize your data warehouse using the self-service data ingestion tool Stitch Data Loader from Talend.

Modernize Your Data Warehouse

Download our new solution brief to learn how Talend Cloud helps customers integrate and clean their data, making it useful for analytics, reporting, and satisfy regulatory requirements. Talend Cloud on AWS gives you a modern, central source of truth for all your data.


Harness The Power Of Real-Time Analytics For Rapid Decision-Making

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about AWS streaming data solutions, including Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, and Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics. You’ll also hear about real-time solutions that complement or integrate with Amazon Kinesis services from AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner Databricks.

Deploy Your Data Warehouse on AWS

AWS provides a platform for data warehouse modernization that enables fast insights at low cost, flexibility in analyzing data in-place and in open formats, ease of use with automated administration, and security and compliance for mission critical workloads.

Analyze petabytes of data quickly and cost efficiently, giving you higher performance and more scalability.

Store all of your data in open formats without needing to move or transform it.

Confidently run mission-critical workloads, even in highly regulated industries.

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