With over 20 years of experience in the information technology market, Dedalus is a company 100% focused on solutions and services operating in the cloud computing model.

As a Premier Consulting Partner, Dedalus offers a set of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) from Amazon Web Services for hosting servers and applications, backup and storage, content distribution, web hosting, database, among others, with local support , highly qualified and trained staff for projects of all sizes.

In addition to all the benefits and features offered by Amazon Web Services, Dedalus is also concerned with several factors that contribute to its investment in technology becomes a tool for the growth of your business, so it complements the Amazon services with a number of managed services such as consulting, migration, administration, support and management.


Dedalus offers consulting services for environmental analysis and architecture planning and design for realignment of resources focused on the environment in the AWS cloud.

Migration Services and Transformation, Data Structures, Architectures and Processes for full utilization of AWS resources.

All administration of the environment is performed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in many technologies, such as database, security, Linux and Microsoft environments, highly skilled in the Amazon Web Services environment.

Through ITIL based processes, systems monitoring, and alerting tools, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring stability, high application performance and continuity of their business.

Technical support is conducted in Portuguese, acting in a 24x7 model.

Through routine analysis, resources maintenance and optimization, our team is dedicated to the prevention and resolution of problems and suggestions for improvement of the environment to ensure that your servers and applications are always up and running.

DAT (Dedalus Authentication Tool) is a service created by Dedalus that expands the authentication method using the browser. It allows the creation and use of companies own rules to allow access from users using the same authentication rules in your existing company. DAT allows you to set a unique password for users, define where and when users can access the systems your company has authentication rules for different types of users, apply the rules of the company and including authentication, configure login screen with the look & feel of your company.

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