Redefining marketing measurement, attribution, optimization and analytic-based decision making

It’s hard enough for marketers to keep up with the proliferation of online and offline customer touch points and the multitude of devices to reach them, never mind actually measure and allocate resources effectively.

Marketing measurement, attribution and optimization are even more challenging than ever before. Traditional media mix models, test/control experiments and judgmental attribution methods aren’t accurate and comprehensive enough to provide timely and credible answers to questions like:

  • Which elements of my marketing mix are driving the most profitable demand?
  • Should I be spending more online? If so, where and how much?
  • How does online interact with offline/in-store, and vice versa?
  • What should my total marketing investment be to achieve company goals?
  • How should I allocate my marketing across a portfolio of products, regions, channels and segments to achieve business goals?
  • If I need to cut back, where are the smartest places to do so?
  • Where does social marketing fit, how much shoud I be spending on it and and how do I measure the impact?

Based in the US, Europe and Asia, MarketShare has been successfully answering these questions (and more) for Global 1000 marketers and finance managers in over 45 countries and all industries for nearly a decade.

A complete view of your marketing performance: Planning, Attribution, Optimization

  • A suite of advanced marketing attribution and optimization analytics software solutions that measure the direct and indirect interactions between online and offline investments, including all forms of digital and social media impact and other drivers such as PR, events, economy, seasonality etc.
  • As granular as you require. From a high level directional expert solution down to a cookie-level, large data set solution. MarketShare has decision tools when you have very little data and when you have huge amounts of data to manage and analyze.
  • Construction of unlimited “what if” scenarios to see how different marketing allocations would impact business results given a set of assumptions.
  • Robust proprietary database of “norms” derived from real-world results in hundreds of product categories, dozens of industries, in over 45 countries. Great for new product launches, emerging markets, or quick decision when time is of the essence.
  • Dynamic attributionTM engine use patented techniques to sift through “big data” quickly to find actual behavior drivers without having to rely on smaller (often misleading) data samples, or heavily filtered judgment.

MarketShare has a unique understanding of how to link financial outcomes – revenues and profits – to marketing decisions and investments, including online and offline media. MarketShare solutions look at the entire ecosystem including trade, PR, pricing, distribution, as well as factoring external drivers such as macro-economic conditions, weather, competition etc. Our models connect any demand-creating activity to business outcomes and our solutions serve as the bridge between marketing,sales and finance. MarketShare has gained a reputation of being able to solve the most complex marketing measurement challenges.

We provide our clients with:

We bring marketing decision analytics, with a focus on economic outcomes via advanced math, thought leadership and action. MarketShare is objective in assessing our clients’ marketing effectiveness. We recommend a clear, strategic, and actionable path for marketing investments. This is one of the reasons that MarketShare has been recognized by Forrester as a leader in marketing mix modeling and by Gartner in its “Cool Vendors in Media 2011” report.

MarketShare has developed cutting-edge analytics solutions in partnership with some of the largest media companies to define online marketing’s impact on offline marketing effectiveness and brand equity, and vice versa.

MarketShare’s work doesn’t end with the delivery of robust analytic models. We convert analytics to actionable recommendations, integrating results into proprietary and highly predictive simulation and optimization solutions.

“MarketShare earns its position as a Leader in our first Forrester Wave evaluation of the marketing mix modeling market for its combination of compelling software tools, exceptional handling of digital data, and a focused strategy to innovate in the marketing mix modeling space.”

- The Forrester WaveTM: Marketing Mix Modeling, 2011, Forrester Research, Inc. September 2011

MarketShare invests substantially in identifying the most effective and credible marketing measurement and resource allocation methods across industries, and then publish them to promote more rapid advancement of the marketing discipline.

The MarketShare advisory board is a group of highly accomplished and respected experts including Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer at Procter and Gamble; Gokul Rajaram, senior products executive of Facebook; Michael Linton, former CMO at eBay and Best Buy; Ted Meisel, former Overture CEO, and numerous other industry luminaries.

World-renowned thought leadership can be seen in the MarketingNPV Journal and website ( featuring thousands of articles and dozens of webcasts and interviews with leading practitioners and academics in the world of marketing measurement.

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