Partners Can Help You Migrate to AWS Databases

Migrate to AWS Databases with the help of vetted AWS Consulting Partners

These featured Partners have validated database migration capabilities and proven expertise helping independent software vendors (ISV) modernize their software products to run natively on AWS.


Logicworks is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner that helps ISVs and their customers modernize their applications by moving legacy databases to AWS. Logicworks is well-known for their expertise in complex infrastructure for industries with high security and compliance requirements, including finance, healthcare, and retail.

Mission Cloud Services, Inc

Mission is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with deep expertise in launching and leveraging the power of the cloud. As an AWS Migration Competency and SaaS Competency Partner, they specialize in helping ISVs accelerate their business growth through application modernization by migrating applications to AWS purpose-built databases such as Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, and Amazon DynamoDB.


mLogica is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specializing in complex application migrations to Amazon Aurora. Streamline your application modernization on Amazon Aurora with mLogica's automation and machine learning tools, accelerating time-to-market with reduced costs.


Onica is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner focused on helping ISVs make informed decisions about their applications and architectures as they modernize on the cloud. Onica empowers ISVs to accelerate the modernization of their customers' applications on the cloud, providing more flexible offerings and enabling greater innovation at scale.


Virtusa is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner committed to accelerating business outcomes through cloud-led, enterprise business transformation. With deep industry expertise and knowledge of application development best-practices, Virtusa accelerates the movement of ISV applications to AWS and Amazon Aurora, so they can simplify the deployment and management of services for their customers.

Already Using an Amazon Database?

If your company's software product is already running on an Amazon Database Service, please certify your application to become eligible for program benefits.