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With SaaS Subscriptions, you can deliver your solution to end customers as a SaaS offering through AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace makes it easy for your customers to quickly create an account while reusing their existing AWS billing relationship. SaaS Subscriptions give your customers simpler procurement through AWS Marketplace. After clicking “Subscribe”, buyers are taken directly to your product’s registration page. Buyers then register using your existing registration flow and can quickly begin using your product without the friction of creating a new payment relationship. As the buyer uses your product, you provide us with metering records reflecting that usage and the SaaS usage charges will appear on a unified bill from AWS Marketplace, alongside any other services they buy directly from AWS.

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Using AWS and HPE StormRunner, Codefresh reduces support cases by 40 percent and identifies performance degradation much earlier in the product lifecycle, allowing staff to focus on developing features, working with customers, and growing the business. Located in Mountain View, California, Codefresh is a container platform that accelerates the building, testing, and deploying of containers as applications on demand. Codefresh uses HPE StormRunner Load from AWS Marketplace as its load-testing solution. 

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