Our web portal needs to be available at all times, and we can ensure that it is by using AWS. Reliability is no longer an issue for us, so we can confidently provide instructional videos and other information to millions of Brazilian entrepreneurs every year.
Nathalie Ouchi Product Owner, Endeavor Brazil

Throughout Brazil, companies of all sizes are striving to become more competitive through the use of technology. That’s where BigData Systems comes in. The Brazilian IT consulting and training organization specializes in providing solutions designed to help enterprises modernize their infrastructures. “We offer customized solutions for companies looking for more agility and innovation,” say Reinaldo Silva and Marco Barbosa, chief technology officers for BigData Systems. BigData Systems has a specific emphasis on cloud technologies, and the company provides a range of consulting and training services that help customers more efficiently migrate business applications to AWS. The organization has also found success in helping companies gain business agility by moving to a DevOps approach to software development.

BigData Systems also works with nonprofit organizations such as Endeavor Brazil, which helps Brazilian entrepreneurs succeed through tools that drive new business growth. In recent years, Endeavor’s WordPress-based web portal has exploded in popularity as more and more Brazilian entrepreneurs seek updated information on how to start a business. The portal, which features videos and inspiring testimonials, had become challenging for Endeavor to manage as traffic increased.

“We went from 500,000 unique visitors to close to 7 million in one year,” says Nathalie Ouchi, product owner at Endeavor Brazil. “We were using a data center to host the portal, and we just couldn’t support the traffic. We had all kinds of reliability issues, and the site went down frequently.”

The organization also needed a better way to manage web traffic fluctuations during large events, such as entrepreneur video conferences. “During online events, we would grow by tens of thousands of visitors, and that was too much of a burden on the site,” Ouchi says.

As its business grew, BigData Systems chose to work more closely with AWS, and became an AWS Partner Network (APN) Standard Consulting Partner. “AWS is the leader in cloud technologies, and we wanted to get deeper insights into AWS services as well as strong support from AWS,” remarks Silva. Most recently, BigData Systems joined the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, which helps AWS partners accelerate their growth by reaching nonprofit customers.

Demonstrating its growing commitment to working with nonprofits, BigData Systems chose to help Endeavor Brazil move its web portal to AWS. “We had worked with BigData Systems previously, and we knew it was the right company to assist us,” says Ouchi. BigData Systems helped Endeavor Brazil migrate its web portal to AWS, taking advantage of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and Auto Scaling to automatically scale websites up or down depending on traffic demands.

The web portal still uses WordPress for some content, but it also takes advantage of Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to support website content using MySQL database instances. Additionally, Endeavor Brazil relies on Amazon CloudFront as its global content delivery network to help securely deliver data and videos on the site to users. “Security is not a strength for WordPress, so we really needed additional security controls. That’s why Amazon CloudFront was the best choice,” says Ouchi.

After helping Endeavor Brazil migrate its web portal to AWS, BigData Systems helped the nonprofit easily and reliably support large amounts of traffic on its websites. “Our web portal needs to be available at all times, and we can ensure that it is by using AWS,” says Ouchi. “Reliability is no longer an issue for us, so we can confidently provide instructional videos and other information to millions of Brazilian entrepreneurs every year.”

Endeavor Brazil can now better control web portal usage peaks, which mean there are no longer any problems supporting spikes in traffic during special online events. “We often grow from 20,000 site users to 100,000 during webinars and other events, and we don’t even worry about supporting those loads because of the automated scalability we get on AWS,” Ouchi says. “We never know how many people will be on the site during an event, but it isn’t a concern now that we can scale so easily using Auto Scaling and Amazon RDS.”

BigData Systems is experiencing significant benefits from being an APN partner. “Being an APN partner has helped us stay close to the latest AWS news and technology,” Silva says. “The APN portal has excellent content and has helped us build our team. Through the partnership, AWS has boosted our growth by sending business opportunities our way and helping us increase our market visibility.”

Endeavor Brazil has also improved its recruitment capabilities by moving to the cloud. “So many companies in Brazil are using AWS, and that makes it much easier for us to find developers here who have AWS expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the technology,” says Ouchi. “That will help us grow and ensure that we continue to offer the best technology solutions for the thousands of entrepreneurs we serve across Brazil every day.”

bigdata systems

BigData Systems is a Brazilian IT services and consulting company that helps companies throughout Brazil gain new business efficiencies by migrating to AWS. The organization provides hands-on cloud-training classes and works with customers on cloud configuration and migration. BigData Systems is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Standard Consulting Partner and a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program.

For more information, contact Big Data Systems through its listing on the APN Partner Solution Finder or visit its website.

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