Seattle-based Cloudticity designs, builds, migrates, and manages healthcare systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customer solutions have included patient portals, health information exchanges, mobile health engagement platforms, and other solutions for a growing customer base. Cloudticity is an Advanced AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner, authorized AWS Channel Reseller and an AWS Authorized Government Reseller, and an AWS audited Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner. Additionally, the company holds AWS Healthcare and DevOps Competencies, and is a member of the AWS Public Sector Program.

When it comes to providing software solutions, Cloudticity has an ambitious mission. “Our vision is to improve the lives of every human on Earth through the work we do,” says Gerry Miller, Cloudticity’s founder and chief technologist. “We are passionate about improving healthcare, so we build outstanding systems that move public health forward on behalf of our customers.”

To effectively support its mission, Cloudticity needs to ensure that customers are able to comply with HIPAA and other regulations. “In this industry, we have a legal and ethical need to manage Protected Health Information (PHI), which is the number one concern for our customers. Our solutions must address regulatory compliance,” Miller says. Cloudticity customers also need the agility to quickly expand their solutions in response to growing customer demand. “We need to scale quickly, which we know we couldn’t do in a data center environment,” says Miller. “To meet that need, while helping our customers with their compliance requirements, we realized that building our business for the cloud was the best option for us.”

Cloudticity was born in the cloud and has never been saddled with physical infrastructure. From the beginning the company decided to focus on AWS. “We quickly realized how AWS would make a deep impact on the healthcare industry around security, availability, performance, cost-optimization, and agility,” says Miller. “And AWS is second to none in terms of services. Using AWS, we have a large number of technical features at our fingertips, which gives us a huge array of solutions we can bring to our customers.”

After becoming an APN Partner, Cloudticity began helping its customers create software solutions on the AWS Cloud. “For most customers, we start with application architecture and a HIPAA-compliance assessment to identify any gaps in customers’ configurations,” says Miller. “Then we either help them migrate their existing applications to AWS or execute a cloud-native application development project on AWS.” The company runs its applications — and its customers’ applications — on nearly every AWS service, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for data storage, and Auto Scaling for automated application scaling. Cloudticity also uses AWS CloudFormation with AWS Service Catalog for standardized application deployment and management. Increasingly, the organization utilizes Amazon Redshift for customers requiring data analytics. Finally, Cloudticity has built a custom managed services platform – Cloudticity Oxygen™ – that leverages a number of AWS services, including AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Athena, Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (Amazon EMR), Amazon QuickSight, and Amazon EC2 Systems Manager.

Cloudticity has used AWS to develop innovative healthcare industry solutions. For example, the company helped create one of the first patient portals on AWS for Grand Rapids, Michigan–based Spectrum Health. Cloudticity also executes large migrations for customers. In addition, Cloudticity is an AWS Managed Service Partner, a status it achieves through rigorous, annual third-party audits of its AWS Managed Service capabilities.

Cloudticity has been able to significantly increase its business by partnering with AWS. “Cloudticity was born in the cloud as an APN partner, and since inception we have doubled our revenue each year and more than doubled our customer base,” says Miller. “Using the automation and scalability of the AWS Cloud, we’ve been able to grow our business very quickly. With a small team we’ve been able to expand substantially using AWS. We anticipate more fast growth as we expand our company and the number of employees in the future.”

Additionally, the organization is differentiating its business through the AWS Healthcare Competency. “We have positioned ourselves as a top provider in this space for AWS,” Miller says. “Having the AWS Healthcare Competency validates our business and helps us gain a competitive edge. We are one of only a handful of companies in the world with that status, and that really gives us credibility with our customers.”

The company also gains business advantages from being an AWS Managed Service Provider. “AWS has set a very high bar with the Managed Service Program, and the audit process is very stringent,” says Miller. “The audit requires us to document a lot of our end-to-end processes, and that has helped us identify areas that were ripe for innovation and improvement. That, in turn, has helped us become a better company, and it means that we are invested in this industry and are always up to date on the most efficient ways of delivering services to our customers.”

Cloudticity is meeting its customers’ security and compliance needs by offering solutions on AWS. “Many AWS services help us as we look to meet and manage our customers’ regulatory requirements, including HIPAA,” says Miller. “By basing our offerings on AWS, we can take advantage of all the certifications AWS has in place, helping to reduce some of the areas where we have to invest in security and compliance capabilities ourselves. As a result, we give our customers confidence in the security of their data.”

The company also fully supports its DevOps approach to software development by being an APN Advanced Partner. “We are taking advantage of the programmability and automation of AWS to enable our DevOps practice, which means our customers can move faster,” Miller says. “We can build secure, flexible, scalable, and highly available solutions in a more agile way.” Because of its automation, Cloudticity is helping healthcare organizations better meet their security needs. “In the highly regulated healthcare industry, automation provides a high degree of security,” says Miller. “Our customers know every deployment will be done the same way, with fewer opportunities for bugs to be introduced. And everything is auditable and traceable.”

By being an APN Partner, Cloudticity is better equipped to drive its business forward. “Because we are an APN Advanced Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider, we are uniquely positioned in our market as an end-to-end cloud services provider,” Miller says. “The APN program gives us a phenomenal set of tools and relationships that we utilize every single day. We get access to technical and marketing resources when we need them, in addition to direct access to the AWS healthcare and life sciences team, which is invaluable.”

Cloudticity anticipates a future of substantial business growth as a result of its relationship with AWS. “Our entire business is built around AWS. In fact, we wouldn’t exist without AWS and the APN program,” says Miller. “We see a lot of growth ahead as customers in this space continue to look to take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud, and specifically AWS, including agility, scalability, and meeting compliance requirements. By running our business on AWS, we will be able to continue focusing on the development of new services that will drive healthcare forward.”