Fusion Speeds Deployment from Weeks to Minutes with AWS and Steamhaus

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Executive Summary

IT software and consulting company Fusion is known for its AI-powered solutions that optimize IT service management. Its eBonding platform was initially built as an on-premises solution, but Fusion was looking to offer far more versatile capabilities for its customers. Fusion brought in Steamhaus to help rearchitect the single-tenant monolithic application into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable containerization and automation for faster customer onboarding and code delivery.

“Our preferred platform is AWS for its breadth of services and maturity.” 

– Phil Horn, Director, Steamhaus


Fusion, a global leader in IT service management, uses AI-powered services to help IT enterprises accelerate their adoption of digital transformation. Through its eBonding platform, Fusion supports digital transformations by helping customers integrate applications and workflows from self-service channels to front-office and back-office functions. With the growing adoption of this service, Fusion sought to move its eBonding solutions off premises to the cloud. Initially, Fusion instantiated AWS instances for eBonding customers, but the initial lift and shift of the platform lacked the ability to scale and couldn’t provide multitenancy.


Fusion tapped Steamhaus to help rearchitect its eBonding platform as a SaaS solution on AWS, so it could deliver high availability, scalability, multi-zone coverage, and integration with CI/CD pipelines. The modern architecture has cut customer onboarding from two weeks to just 10 minutes and has eliminated customer downtime during code and content updates.

“Steamhaus rearchitected our product from a monolithic beast to a containerized SaaS offering on AWS that delivers high availability and multi zones for our customers.” 

– Keyvan Shirnia, Head of Managed Services, Fusion

"With our expertise in DevOps and setting up those CI/CD pipelines, we were able to help Fusion automate their deployment processes, which made such a difference in their delivery timelines. We bring the undifferentiated heavy lifting that enables them to do what they do best.”

– Phil Horn, Director, Steamhaus

Results and Benefits

Steamhaus leveraged containers and CI/CD integration to modernize the eBonding architecture. Using Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and AWS CodePipeline, Steamhaus was able to containerize eBonding and improve automation, accelerating Fusion’s deployment and time to market. Today, provisioning a new customer’s dedicated SaaS environment is driven by a push-button CI/CD pipeline, which has automated the two weeks of manual engineering it used to take to onboard a new customer.

Just 10 Minutes for Customer Onboarding

With containers and CI/CD integration, Steamhaus transformed Fusion’s eBonding platform into a SaaS solution on AWS, helping Fusion cut customer onboarding from two weeks to just 10 minutes.

Containers Deliver Flexibility and Scale

With a containers-based approach, Steamhaus provided the flexibility for Fusion to develop applications across different technologies that run on a single set of auto-scaling infrastructure, with deployments from a standardized CI/CD pipeline. Amazon ECS runs the containers in production, delivering highly scalable, high-performance orchestration. AWS Fargate serves as the compute engine, allowing Fusion to run containers without having to manage servers or clusters.

CI/CD Pipelines Enable Automation for Faster Updates

Steamhaus configured an organizational structure for Fusion to deploy new AWS accounts and replicate the entire environment into that account with the push of a button. For every code change, eBonding now uses AWS CodePipeline to automate the build, test, and deploy phases. As a fully managed continuous delivery service, AWS CodePipeline helped Fusion dramatically speed code and content delivery to support DevOps. Updates that used to take a few days, now finish in a matter of minutes—virtually eliminating customer downtime.

Evolution to the Cloud with Steamhaus Expertise

Even though Fusion has expertise in software development, and was fully capable of modernizing its eBonding platform in-house, there was immense value in bringing Steamhaus on board to support the rearchitecture. Knowledge sharing of best practices around DevOps and AWS technologies helped accelerate the evolution of Fusion as a cloud-forward company. Today, all of Fusion’s software and products are transitioning to AWS, including its AI platform.

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Amazon ECS is a fully managed container orchestration service that enables you to run mission-critical applications securely, reliably, and at scale. AWS CodePipeline is a fully managed continuous delivery service that helps you automate your release pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates.

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Published September 2020