CTG Improves and Streamlines Gundersen Health System’s Patient Portal Support with Amazon Connect

Executive Summary

CTG leveraged Amazon Connect to help Gundersen Health System (Gundersen) stand up an Epic MyChart patient portal phone support program to help patients quickly and easily resolve portal issues, increasing their satisfaction and allowing them to access their health information. Amazon Connect provides a more cost-effective, efficient solution for Gundersen.

Establishing a Streamlined Process

Gundersen did not have 24/7 coverage for patient portal support, resulting in patients calling medical records departments and doctors’ offices to get their healthcare information or simply having to wait. With the volume of calls and messages being hard to manage, the organization wanted to establish a more streamlined process to make it easier for patients to resolve portal issues over the phone at any time, giving them quicker access to their information and increasing their satisfaction and engagement.


CTG provided a seamless implementation from start to finish. From the exceptional communication amongst team members and excellent patient call/message response rate to the streamlined training to allow for a consistent user experience, we have high confidence in the work CTG does and how they work with our patients.”

Becky Kilen
Enterprise Privacy Officer/Manager of Privacy, Gundersen

Optimizing Gundersen's Management Solution Using Amazon Connect

CTG presented an optimized management solution that uses Amazon Connect to quickly and easily route patient calls to CTG agents who are specifically trained to handle MyChart patient portal concerns. By partnering with CTG, patients of Gundersen now have a single number to call for any patient portal issues.

The AWS Partner integrated the Amazon Connect instance with Calabrio Workforce Management System, allowing Calabrio to analyze call arrival patterns to develop the correct staffing plan to meet the agreed-upon service-level agreements (SLAs). PowerBI was also integrated, which helped to automate the reporting of performance metrics.

Creating a High-Quality and Efficient Patient Portal Support

Amazon Connect reduced the time it takes to train agents on the phone system by 75%, instead of two hours it now takes only 30 minutes. About 50 agents have been onboarded, which adds up to 4,500 minutes of saved training time, allowing agents to start addressing patient issues faster.

Since March 2022, CTG has provided patients of Gundersen with high-quality, streamlined patient portal support. The CTG agents help them resolve issues faster so they can access the information they need and have a better user experience. Month-over-month, CTG haS consistently met the SLAs, including:

  • >=80% of calls answered in 30 seconds
  • <5% of calls abandoned
Gundersen Health System

About the Gundersen Health System

Located in Wisconsin, the Gundersen Health System serves patients in more than 20 counties in the Midwest. The system provides high-quality healthcare services to more than 600,000 patients through its many hospitals and clinics.

About the AWS Partner CTG

CTG is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions and services. Serving as a catalyst for its clients’ transformations, the company accelerate project momentum and achievement of their desired IT and business outcomes. CTG operates in the Americas, Western Europe, and India.

Published January 2023