BryteFlow Helps Horizon Power Accelerate Data-Driven Outcomes

Executive Summary

Horizon Power worked with BryteFlow, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, to unify its data on the AWS Cloud, bringing the utility of a single source of truth for the analytics team and other data users inside the organization. BryteFlow builds solutions that extract and load data from enterprise applications and merge and transform huge volumes of IoT data to deliver meaningful context for information. Horizon Power uses Amazon EC2 for compute capacity, Amazon EMR for data processing, and Amazon S3 as a data lake.

Adapting to a Changing Industry of Power

The world’s electricity industry is changing rapidly, moving toward an ethos of smart energy that is more efficient and sustainable. This shift includes growth in distributed energy resources such as modular, decentralized power generation and storage technologies that often use renewable energy. This trend towards smart energy requires utility companies to expand the number of power sources they manage, balance, and maintain.

For Horizon Power, a government trading entity serving regional and remote Western Australia, the challenge is even greater. With low population density across the 2.3 million square kilometer geography, it serves one person per 53.5 square kilometers. The company is vertically integrated, meaning it manages generation, transmission, distribution, and retail; from equipment maintenance to customer service, the company does it all. Additionally, managing highly distributed equipment in challenging environmental conditions requires efficient maintenance practices to avoid spiraling costs.

“We were excited that Horizon Power chose BryteFlow to help it achieve its smart-energy strategy. It is a prime example of how breaking down data silos can deliver real-world value to companies and their customers.”

- Pradnya Bhandary, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder, BryteFlow

A Big Data Platform for a Big Energy Challenge

To position itself for success in a smart-energy future, Horizon Power decided to invest in new major data management and analytics capabilities. “Improved analytics, especially predictive maintenance models, will help us prioritize maintenance activities and optimize our long-term maintenance strategy,” says Suresh Kumar Parimi, Manager of Digital and Data Solutions at Horizon Power. “Additionally, better demand forecasting will help increase utilization of distributed energy resources.”

Horizon Power chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the foundation of its new data platform. To enable data ingestion and transformation, Horizon Power enlisted the help of BryteFlow, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. BryteFlow uses change data capture (CDC) to continuously load and merge changes from Horizon Power’s relational data sources to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) data lake—without slowing down the original databases. BryteFlow can merge the captured information with other sources on Amazon S3, such as Internet of Things (IoT) data, and provide relevant summaries for Horizon Power. “BryteFlow leverages native AWS capabilities but does not require us to manage them directly, freeing time for value-added data analysis rather than coding,” says Parimi.

The BryteFlow team helped maximize the system’s value for Horizon Power’s specific needs. “We were excited that Horizon Power chose BryteFlow to help it achieve its smart-energy strategy,” says Pradnya Bhandary, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of BryteFlow. “It is a prime example of how breaking down data silos can deliver real-world value to companies and their customers.”

Rapid Deployment, Real-Time Insights

The deployment of BryteFlow solutions took only a couple of weeks, which was 70–80 percent faster than a previous data ingestion solution that took Horizon Power months to deploy and configure. BryteFlow accelerates bulk data ingestion with partitioning and parallel multi-thread loading, enabling Horizon Power to load significant volumes of data quickly for immediate analysis.

Horizon Power used two BryteFlow products to create its platform: BryteFlow Ingest seamlessly replicates data from multiple sources, including on-premises relational databases, into the Amazon S3 data lake. BryteFlow Blend automates the extract, transform, load (ETL) process in preparation for analytics and modeling.

Horizon Power’s overall data platform uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for compute capacity, Amazon EMR for data processing, and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) for information flows throughout the system.

With a single source of truth across its business, Horizon Power can now pursue a wide range of data-driven initiatives. Most importantly, by unifying all data in one system, Horizon Power is prepared for a future where energy sources and demand are constantly shifting.

Horizon Power

About Horizon Power

Horizon Power is Western Australia’s regional and remote power provider and Australia’s only vertically integrated utility. A commercially focused government trading entity, Horizon Power provides power to over 100,000 residents and 10,000 businesses. Horizon Power is committed to its ambition to deliver energy solutions for regional growth and vibrant communities.

About BryteFlow

BryteFlow uses proprietary technology that utilizes AWS to create a powerful, scalable data platform that extracts, loads, merges, and transforms huge volumes of data in minutes. BryteFlow is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with an AWS Data and Analytics Competency.

Published June 2021