Netcompany Sees 700% Sales Opportunity Increase after Completing AWS Partner Transformation Program (AWS PTP)

Executive Summary

AWS Partner Netcompany increased its AWS sales opportunities by 700 percent and trained over 60 percent of its Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) staff on AWS after completing the AWS Partner Transformation Program (AWS PTP). The information technology company has provided its customers in six countries with digital transformation expertise since 2000. However, it wanted to train more of its staff and mature its cloud practice on AWS. In October 2020, Netcompany joined the AWS PTP and learned how to develop its CCoE. Since completing the program, Netcompany has accelerated learning on AWS, increased its sales opportunities, and become an AWS Partner.

Training to Support Growth on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Netcompany wanted to mature its cloud practice as demand for cloud solutions grew within the information technology consulting market. To support its steady growth year on year, Netcompany wanted consistent training for its staff and a sales approach to support its growth ambitions on AWS.

In October 2020, the company joined the AWS Partner Transformation Program (AWS PTP), a comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement program focused on helping AWS Partners build a successful and profitable cloud business. By February 2021, Netcompany had completed the AWS PTP and improved its Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE). Since completing the AWS PTP, the company has also increased its AWS sales opportunities by 700 percent and trained 60 percent of its CCoE staff on AWS.

“The AWS PTP was essential to building connections, credibility, and a framework that would accelerate learning on AWS.”

- Christian Brady, Partner, Netcompany

Investing in Its Cloud Practices

Netcompany provides digital transformation expertise to its customers in six northern European countries. As the company won more business, it wanted to align its cloud migration delivery more closely with the AWS methodology and train more of its staff on AWS. “We wanted to go through a process that would enhance our focus and delivery of cloud services,” says Christian Brady, Partner at Netcompany. “The AWS PTP was essential to building connections, credibility, and a framework that would accelerate learning on AWS.”

Improving Its CCoE

By joining the AWS PTP, Netcompany developed its CCoE to align its delivery methodology to match AWS best practices. “Using the CCoE, we make sure we have the right tools to help our people and business grow,” says Dan Robinson, Infrastructure Manager at Netcompany. Part of growing on AWS meant upskilling more of its staff. With an improved CCoE in place, Netcompany began to offer more training opportunities, increasing the number of staff trained on AWS by 200 percent. “It’s dramatically changed the way our organization perceives AWS, and it started at the grassroots level,” says Brady. “Now, our people feel more comfortable discussing the advantages of AWS solutions with prospective and existing clients.” Moreover, Netcompany has increased its AWS sales opportunities by 700 percent. “Our cloud team now has increased confidence in selling our solutions,” says Robinson. As a result, the company has achieved a higher AWS Partner tier. “One of our biggest successes following the AWS PTP was becoming an AWS Advanced Partner,” says Robinson. 

Growing Certifications and Competencies

Netcompany will continue its momentum by increasing the number of its staff who are AWS Certified Solutions Architects. It’s also actively working toward becoming an AWS Migration Competency Partner by demonstrating its technical expertise and proven customer success in cloud migrations. “We’ve expanded the use of AWS in our organization,” says Brady. “We’re able to better interact with our clients. The AWS PTP is truly incredible.”


About Netcompany

Established in 2000, Netcompany provides digital transformation expertise to its customers in six northern European countries. Since March 2020, it has participated in the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, the AWS Solution Provider Program, and the AWS Public Sector Solution Provider Program.

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Published October 2021