"One of the big things AWS provides is highly secure and durable storage. Our customers rely on this to help ensure the long-term preservation of their vital digital records and content." 
Michael Hope Marketing Director, Preservica

Preservica is a world leader in digital preservation technology, consulting, and research. The company’s preservation software solutions are trusted by leading businesses, archives, libraries, museums, and government organizations globally to protect and share valuable digital content, document collections, and electronic records. Organizations using Preservica solutions include 18 U.S. state archives, the DC Public Library, the UK Met Office, and Transport for London. 

As its business grows, Preservica is assisting an increasing number of organizations that need help managing important electronic records that must be retained for the long term. “Our customers need to protect their significant historical and business records, and many times they don’t have local IT staff or resources,” says Michael Hope, marketing director for Preservica.

For example, the Arkansas State Archives, one of the oldest state archives in the U.S., needed to build a digital records preservation system to safeguard state records. The state’s collection includes federal, state, and county records; military records; photographs; genealogical documents; newspapers; and even folk music recordings. “We needed a digital preservation system to store and protect our records and make them accessible online, but we knew we couldn’t build or run one easily on our own with the limited staff and resources we have,” says Mary Dunn, archival manager for technology and access at the Arkansas State Archives.

The archives also wanted to meet the digital records needs of dozens of state agencies. Many of these agencies use legacy file formats and have limited digital storage space for their records. “We wanted to find a partner to help us set up a preservation solution and meet the growing electronic records preservation needs of state agencies,” Dunn says.

Preservica’s cloud-hosted version of its digital preservation and access software is specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations such as Arkansas State Archives. Preservica had already been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it chose to base its Preservica Cloud Edition on the AWS Cloud. Hope says, “We selected AWS to host our digital preservation and access software because we knew we could provide a very cost-effective solution that helped to ensure security and storage durability for our customers.”

The company also joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. APN Partners receive business, technical, and marketing resources and assistance from AWS to facilitate growth and customer support. Preservica was also a launch partner in the AWS Public Sector Partner Program.

Preservica Cloud Edition runs on multiple Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) servers and uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier for digital record and content storage. The application also uses Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). “A key to storing information is having metadata and being able to get to it easily, which is why we use Amazon RDS,” Hope says. Preservica also offers a service that uses AWS Snowball to enable customers to quickly move large volumes of digital content into its Cloud Edition.

Preservica worked with the Arkansas State Archives to implement a new state electronic records solution based on Preservica Cloud Edition. With the new system, the archives has a solution for the intake, processing, storage, and management of historic documents, photographs, administrative records, maps, recordings, and other electronic records. It also plans for Preservica Cloud Edition to be the cornerstone in building a new state digital records program that will serve Arkansas state agencies.

By running Preservica Cloud Edition on AWS, Preservica is giving its customers the ability to preserve and protect their important long-term and permanent records. “One of the big things AWS provides is highly secure and durable storage,” Hope says. “Our customers rely on this to help ensure the long-term preservation of their vital digital records and content. Using the AWS Cloud, we can provide our customers with a choice of storage options including Amazon S3 for fast access and Amazon Glacier as a low-cost option for storing infrequently accessed digital records.”

Preservica can also grow its platform by using AWS. “The scalability of AWS, and the presence of AWS regions around the world, gives us the ability to increase our business globally,” says Hope. Additionally, Preservica benefits from the security and compliance capabilities of AWS. “AWS already has compliance and security certifications built into the platform, which gives us and our customers confidence that their records are secure,” says Hope.

Using Preservica Cloud Edition, the Arkansas State Archives quickly launched its new digital records service. “We went from having no digital preservation system to having a highly secure, reliable system to store and protect our records very quickly,” says Dunn. “We now have a digital platform to bring all our historical state records into one place so they are preserved and accessible to people online. We could not have done something like this without Preservica.”

The Arkansas State Archives also met its security needs by using Preservica Cloud Edition. “There is a lot of personally identifiable information on state records,” says Dunn. “Preservica provides good security to ensure that information is protected and can’t be seen by the general public.”

In addition, the archives can accelerate its records intake process. “When we first looked at the Preservica solution, we learned that some Preservica customers had reduced their records intake process from days to minutes,” says Dunn. “Once we get our solution rolled out to more people here, we anticipate a similar metric.”

Looking ahead, the archives expects to engage with Arkansas agencies to manage their digital records on Preservica Cloud Edition. “We have already reached out to our state agencies to talk about the services we can now offer, and Preservica is the reason we’ve been able to even consider offering those services,” says Dunn. “Arkansas has traditionally lagged behind in terms of archiving its history, so we feel this will be a step in the right direction for our state’s future. We are already seeing a lot of interest from agencies, and that’s very exciting.”


Preservica offers digital preservation software solutions trusted by enterprises, archives, libraries, museums, and government organizations around the world. Customers use Preservica solutions to store, protect, and share their important digital content and collections, and other data—for decades into the future.

For more information about how Preservica can help your company build and manage your AWS environment, see the Preservica listing in the AWS Partner Directory.

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