zoomMediaPlus and RestorePoint embrace ThoughtSpot for Blazing Fast BI on AWS

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Executive Summary

zoomMediaPlus provides cellular connectivity, provisioning, and billing to mobile service providers, resellers, and brand retailers. By using RestorePoint’s IoT Studio Platform, powered by ThoughtSpot, zoomMediaPlus eliminated significant overhead and hundreds of summary tables by directly connecting to Amazon Redshift. A once incalculable number of steps to run the process is now down to about 6, and zoomMediaPlus and RestorePoint estimate that the process of searching data is 70-80% more efficient.


As a mobile virtual network operator and aggregator (MVNOA), zoomMediaPlus private labels its cellular services for other businesses. Each business has its own KPIs and reporting requirements, encapsulated and visualized in “Dashboards." Imagine that the Redshift instance contains billions of rows of cellular service records, and the only way to render the dashboards with usage and trend reports is all code-based. Picture duplicating databases for each business, creating numerous summary tables from each database, and running a visualizer for the dashboards. Compounding that difficulty, zoomMediaPlus had the added burden of maintaining all the code and writing more code if dashboards changed or new ones were needed.

zoomMediaPlus and RestorePoint knew that this process was neither sustainable nor scalable. “The first red flag was the summary tables. It was a step in the process that didn't really need to be there,” said Dave Albano, President and CEO of RestorePoint. “But coding for the dashboards was also a problem. So much overhead went into creating dashboards that were customer-specific or difficult to maintain,” added Albano. Together zoomMediaPlus and RestorePoint went in search for a solution, only to arrive at the conclusion — from different angles — that ThoughtSpot was the answer.


zoomMediaPlus is using RestorePoint’s IoT Studio Platform to connect directly to Redshift and eliminate the need for summary tables. zoomMediaPlus customers now query cellular records and create dashboards that are more meaningful and useful for understanding performance and providing deeper analysis. “The dashboards created through search and ThoughtSpot are interactive, giving the ability to drill down in real-time,” said Albano.

ThoughtSpot and RestorePoint also worked together to help zoomMediaPlus eliminate the need to create a database for each customer. Instead, those customers can securely log into the IoT Studio Platform where data access can be controlled all the way down to the row level.

Results and Benefits

By using ThoughtSpot, RestorePoint eliminated the challenges of maintaining and supporting all the data mining analytics for zoomMediaPlus and its customers. Instead of coding, scripting, and maintaining 100s of summary tables and duplicate databases, zoomMediaPlus customers can easily connect to the IoT Studio Platform that interfaces directly to Redshift on AWS to produce meaningful dashboards. Both companies estimate that the querying and dashboard process is now 70-80 percent more efficient. Both also mentioned that the scalability of AWS infrastructure is a plus with a database of that size.  “It’s an extremely robust and scalable solution,” said Richard Sfeir, CEO, zoomMediaPlus. “The data is getting bigger and broader, and yet we have the ability to grow and expand as we sign up more customers and our business lines grow.”

“It’s an extremely robust and scalable solution. The data is getting bigger and broader, and yet we have the ability to grow and expand as we sign up more customers and our business lines grow.”

- Richard Sfeir, CEO, zoomMediaPlus

The Aha Moment

To help zoomMediaPlus understand the benefit of the ThoughtSpot solution, RestorePoint conducted a side-by-side demonstration. It showed the 100s of lines of code it would take to get a static dashboard from the visualizer tool that zoomMediaPlus was using. In parallel, it showed the few simple search commands that could be taken with ThoughtSpot to not only get the same result but also to drill down in real time to more comprehensive set of visualized data. “It was an aha moment,” said Sfeir. "There was nothing like seeing it side by side, visualizing it, interacting and gaining business intelligence in real-time - it cemented the decision to move forward with the full implementation.”

Creating a Data Exchange

The success of the zoomMediaPlus and RestorePoint analytics solution rests on all the data components and data sources fitting together. The IoT Studio Platform’s pre-built APIs are leveraged to accelerate time-to-value by seamlessly making all the connections work in the data exchange architecture that serves as the solution backbone.

The IoT Factor

With RestorePoint’s IoT Studio Platform, businesses can manage cellular data connectivity with one contract, one rate, one simple bill across all major carriers on a global basis. The IoT Studio Platform integrates with RestorePoint’s security and business analytics platform to connect event driven IoT cellular data with OEM device and IoT business data, providing real-time visibility and control at the user and application level. RestorePoint solutions have been adopted across many industries including service providers, commercial real estate, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, and financial services.

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About zoomMediaPlus

zoomMediaPlus is a full-service mobile virtual network operator, enabler, and aggregator providing cellular connectivity, provisioning, and billing system services across the spectrum of mobile service providers, resellers, and brand retailers.


  • Eliminate 100s of summary tables
  • 6 queries vs. 100 lines of code
  • Row-level security reduces risk
  • 70-80% efficiency increase
  • Accelerate time-to-value with IoT Studio’s pre-built APIs

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Published November 2020