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Create real-time personalized user experiences faster at scale

Amazon Personalize enables developers to build applications with the same machine learning (ML) technology used by for real-time personalized recommendations – no ML expertise required.

Amazon Personalize makes it easy for developers to build applications capable of delivering a wide array of personalization experiences, including specific product recommendations, personalized product re-ranking, and customized direct marketing. Amazon Personalize is a fully managed machine learning service that goes beyond rigid, static rule-based recommendation systems and trains, tunes, and deploys custom ML models to deliver highly customized recommendations to customers across industries such as retail and media and entertainment.

Amazon Personalize provisions the necessary infrastructure and manages the entire ML pipeline, including processing the data, identifying features, using the best algorithms, and training, optimizing, and hosting the models. You will receive results via an Application Programming Interface (API) and only pay for what you use, with no minimum fees or upfront commitments. All data is encrypted to be private and secure, and is only used to create recommendations for your users.


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Deliver high quality recommendations, in real-time

The ML algorithms used by Amazon Personalize create higher quality recommendations that respond to the specific needs, preferences, and changing behavior of your users, improving engagement and conversion. They are also designed to address complex problems such as creating recommendations for new users, products, and content with no historical data.  



Easily implement personalized recommendations in days, not months

With Amazon Personalize, you can implement a customized personalization recommendation system, powered by ML, in just a few clicks without the burden of building, training, and deploying a “do it yourself” ML solution.  


Personalize every touchpoint along the customer journey

Amazon Personalize easily integrates into your existing websites, apps, SMS, and email marketing systems to provide a unique customer experience across all channels and devices, eliminating high infrastructure or resource costs. Amazon Personalize provides flexibility for you to use real-time or batch recommendations based on what is most appropriate for your use case, enabling you to deliver a wide variety of personalized experiences to customers at scale.



Data privacy and security

All of your data is encrypted to be private and secure, and is only used to create recommendations for your customers. Data is not shared between customers or with You can also use one of your own AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) keys to gain more control over access to data you encrypt. AWS KMS enables you to maintain control over who can use your customer master keys and gain access to your encrypted data.



Amazon Personalize for Retail

Deliver unique homepage experiences

Personalize your users' homepage with product recommendations based on their shopping history.

Refine product recommendations

Recommend similar items on product detail pages to help users easily find what they are looking for.

Help customers discover products faster

Help users quickly find relevant new products, deals, and promotions.

Relevant product rankings

Easily re-rank relevant product recommendations to drive tangible business outcomes.


Enhance marketing communication

Personalize push notifications and marketing emails with individualized product recommendations.

Boost upsell and cross-sell

Combine Amazon Personalize with business logic to create high quality cart upsell and cross-sell recommendations.


Pomelo Fashion is a leading omnichannel fashion brand based in Bangkok, Thailand, with a global customer base.

Pomelo Fashion Betters Customer Experience with Amazon Personalize

Learn how StockX is using Amazon Personalize to create pioneering customized experiences for their customers, with no prior machine learning experience.

"We’re quickly learning the potency of integrating ML into all facets of the company. Our success led to key decision-makers requesting we integrate Amazon Personalize into more of the StockX experience and expand our ML endeavors. It’s safe to say that personalization is now a first-class citizen here."

Lotte Mart

Learn how Lotte Mart is using Amazon Personalize to enable over 600,000 users to save on their in store shopping experience.

“By using Amazon Personalize, we have seen a 5x increase in response to recommended products compared to our prior big data analytics solution, resulting in increased revenue per month. In particular, Amazon Personalize has increased the number of products that the customer has never purchased before up to 40%. The new recommendation service powered by AWS is the first of a much broader roll-out of AI technologies across our organization.“

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Amazon Personalize for Media and Entertainment

Increase content consumption

Deliver highly relevant, individualized content recommendations for videos, music, e-books, and more.

Create personalized ad placements

Personalize pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad placements within audio and video content.

Highly curated content carousels

Create personalized content carousels for every user based on their content consumption history.

Improve marketing communication

Personalize push notifications and marketing emails with individualized content recommendations.

Highlight new content offerings

Help users find fresh, new content based on their unique tastes and preferences.

Enhance genre based recommendations

Add individualized recommendations to genre based on content carousels and lists.

Customer Stories


Learn why Discovery turned to Amazon Personalize to enable tailored content suggestions for their Discovery+ streaming platform users.

Discovery is Enhancing the Customer Experience with Amazon Personalize

Learn how Pulselive uses Amazon Personalize to increase video views by 20%, highlight new content offerings, and build their subscriber base.

"We were thrilled by our first foray into the world of ML with Amazon Personalize. We found the entire process of integrating a trained model into our workflow was incredibly simple."


"With Amazon Personalize, we were able to deliver the best possible contest recommendations based on user's playing history and also used it to upsell and cross other similar contests. This feature helped us improve the average number of contest joins per user by 12% and also improved the average transaction value of gameplay by 8%.”

How FanFight uses Amazon AI & ML services to create personalized content for its users

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Amazon Personalize can now create up to 50% better recommendations for fast changing catalogs of new product and content

August, 2020
Hao Ding, Vaibhav Sethi, and Yen Su

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Selecting the right metadata to build high-performing recommendation models with Amazon Personalize

September, 2020

Andrew Hood and Ion Kleopas

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Amazon Personalize Github samples

Notebooks and examples of how to onboard and use various features of Amazon Personalize


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Tech Talk: Offer Your Customers Real-Time Personalized Recommendations


June, 2020
Luis Lopez Soria

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