Amazon Pinpoint

Multichannel marketing communication service

Amazon Pinpoint is a flexible and scalable outbound and inbound marketing communications service. You can connect with customers over channels like email, SMS, push, or voice. Amazon Pinpoint is easy to set up, easy to use, and is flexible for all marketing communication scenarios. Segment your campaign audience for the right customer and personalize your messages with the right content. Delivery and campaign metrics in Amazon Pinpoint measure the success of your communications. Amazon Pinpoint can grow with you and scales globally to billions of messages per day across channels.

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Get started quickly

Start easily with just a few clicks in Amazon Pinpoint. Whether you are a marketer or a developer, Amazon Pinpoint is flexible for marketing, bulk, or transactional communications use cases. Marketers can design, orchestrate, and run campaigns visually through the console. Developers can leverage the Amazon Pinpoint APIs for message sending, scheduling campaigns or tracking web and mobile activities.

Segment and personalize for impact

Segment your audience for the right group of customers based on existing customer lists, attributes or use Amazon Pinpoint to create segments from mobile and web application data. Personalize the right message content to engage and delight your customers using both static and dynamic attributes. Marketers can also visually create a customer journey that automates multi-step campaigns.

Measure your efficiency

From message delivery results to campaign data like opens and clicks, use metrics to understand the success of your communications. Amazon Pinpoint updates your customer lists with results to reflect learnings for the next campaign. View the campaign metrics natively in the Amazon Pinpoint reports or stream data to nearly any destination.

Scale securely with the experts

Based on the scale and security of AWS, Amazon Pinpoint provides a reliable customer experience that can grow with you. Amazon has relationships with the top email providers, telecoms, and spam advisories to ensure the highest customer delivery rates.

How it works

How Amazon Pinpoint works

Use cases

Marketing messages

Promote your products and services with basic or personalized messages, including special offers, newsletters, and other engaging content.

Transactional messages

Send immediate, trigger-based customer communications from your application to customers, such as purchase confirmations or shipping notifications.

Bulk communications

Send to communities of millions, including notifications and announcements.

Customers used Amazon Pinpoint to increase customer outreach through push and resulting sales revenue.

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Gametime used Amazon Pinpoint increase campaign capacity and customer conversions.

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Coinbase used Amazon Pinpoint to scale push notifications and decrease time to market.

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