Deepen your understanding of your customers.

Amazon Pinpoint makes it easy for you to gather, understand, and act on customer data. Understanding your customers allows you to create more refined audience segments and deliver personalized, relevant engagement experiences on their preferred channels. Not only does customer data lead to better engagement experiences, it also helps you improve customer trust and retention.

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With Amazon Pinpoint, you can combine customer data from multiple sources. By gathering all of your data in one place, you can effectively segment your customers and deliver more personalized messages.


Amazon Pinpoint captures events, identifies product usage patterns, and surfaces insights about how customers are interacting with your engagements across all channels. You can use this information to better understand customers’ preferences. For example, using engagement analytics, you can determine how certain customers prefer to receive their mobile boarding pass and then deliver it through their preferred channels.


Create smarter segments based on usage data. This helps you deliver relevant content, which enhances the customer experience. For example, you can create segments based on purchase history, which level in a game they have completed, or which baseball games they watched in the past month. Then, you can send those segments contextually relevant messages.


Customer data enables you to create personalized messages. Not only can you substitute personalization tokens with attributes such as their first name, company, or birth date, you can also deliver a personalized experience based on their preferences, historic behavior, and demographic data. Additionally, you can integrate Amazon Pinpoint with Amazon Personalize, a machine-learning service that makes it easy to power personalized content recommendations and targeted marketing promotions.

Key features

Device Data

Amazon Pinpoint offers a variety of data points about which platforms and devices your customers use. This information is useful if you want to run a promotional campaign that only targets Apple users, or if you want to create a campaign that targets a segment of customers who use an outdated version of your app to prompt them to update it.

Location Data

The user location chart shows the countries or regions where the users of your apps are located. You can use this data to create smarter audience segments so that you can deliver locally relevant engagements, choose the appropriate language, and make product improvements that serve your global audiences’ unique needs.

Customer Revenue Charts

The revenue charts provided by Amazon Pinpoint show you the average amount of money that each endpoint or paying customer spent in your app for each day in a selected time period. This customer data helps you better understand who your most valuable customers are so that you can create tailored engagement campaigns that reward them. You can also use this data to discover trends that could help you identify who could become a high-value customer.

Custom Customer Data

When you integrate the AWS Mobile SDKs into your apps, you can stream custom attributes and metrics for each customer into Amazon Pinpoint. This allows you to use historic or third-party data not collected by Amazon Pinpoint, such as a list of customers who attended an event or who made an in-store purchase during last year’s holiday season. With this data, you can create even stronger audience segments and deliver relevant messages to your customers.

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