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The Official AWS Podcast is a podcast for developers and IT professionals looking for the latest news and trends in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless, and more. Join Simon Elisha, Hawn Nguyen-Loughren, and Jillian Forde for regular updates, deep dives, launches, and interviews. Whether you’re training machine learning models, developing open source projects, or building cloud solutions, The Official AWS Podcast has something for you.

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Chief Technologist

Simon Elisha

Simon is a longtime Amazonian, passionate about helping customers get the most out of cloud technology. A pragmatic technologist at heart, Simon holds an Honors Degree in Information Systems from Monash University. Follow him on Twitter.

Sr. Manager, SA

Hawn Nguyen-Loughren

Hawn is a results-oriented IT Professional. She has extensive experience and strong knowledge of software architecture, software development and DevSecOps with over 20 years in the IT Software Engineering Field across diverse industries.  Follow her on Twitter.

Jillian Forde
Sr. Startup, SA

Jillian Forde

Jillian is a Sr. Solutions Architect who works with startups to help them grow their businesses using the AWS cloud. Jillian did not have a tech background prior to joining AWS. As an official AWS podcast host, she strives to help people new to the tech industry and cloud computing learn technical concepts essential to a thriving career. Follow her on Twitter.

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Top Episodes

Since 2012, The Official AWS Podcast and host Simon Elisha have provided weekly updates on new AWS services across the cloud. Having hosted more than 200 guests and dozens of companies from across industries, the podcast has become your source for the latest tips, tools, and use cases for AWS services. Check out these popular episodes to get a taste of what awaits.

A Conversation with Amazon CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels

Even as most of us are trudging through our days within the boundaries of our homes, our digital lives are roaming farther and faster than ever before. Simon sits down with AWS CTO Dr. Werner Vogels to hear where his digital life has taken him and what he has seen along the way.

Introducing Amazon Braket

Amazon Braket is a fully managed AWS service that will help you get started with quantum computing. Simon is joined by Richard Moulds, general manager for Amazon Braket, to learn about this service. They will cover questions around quantum computing, common customer challenges, and why the team built the service.

Serverless Cost and Performance Optimization with AWS Lambda Power Tuning

How can you optimize serverless applications for cost and performance? Simon and Alex Casalboni, senior developer advocate, talk about AWS Lambda Power Tuning, an open-source tool that can help you visualize and fine-tune the memory/power configuration of Lambda functions in a data-driven fashion.

Introducing Amazon RDS on Outposts

Simon is joined by Michael Lin, principal product manager on the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) team, to discuss the recent launch of RDS on Outposts. They'll discuss how you can use RDS on Outposts as an extension of the cloud with an easy console experience, how it benefits your enterprise, and best use cases.