Information Technology (IT) Transformation

Because of increasing competition, price wars, and the commoditization of energy, power and utilities companies are under increasing pressure to reduce cost and improve efficiencies. They are looking to extract more value and improve performance and agility in existing IT assets by migrating to the cloud. Enterprises around the world rely on AWS' global leadership in cloud computing to build innovative solutions, migrate critical applications, and improve their financial position by retiring costly legacy technology. This shift to the cloud helps leading utilities companies like Enel, Veolia, and British Gas transform their business, gain agility and improve operational responsiveness. Learn more about how the AWS cloud can improve agility, reduce costs, and enable innovation.

Veolia Water: Designing a system for tomorrow on AWS

Use cases

  • Connect for Customer Care
  • Connect for Customer Care
  • Connect for Customer Care

    Because bulk electric energy cannot be stored in meaningful quantities, matching energy demand with supply is critical. With distributed energy sources such as wind, solar, and electric vehicles contributing intermittently to supply, matching fluctuating residential demand with fluctuating supply is becoming more complex. Amazon offers programs to install connected homes at scale, giving utilities a bridge directly to the customer to offer value-added services and programs. And with IoT, you can securely control millions of smart home devices to optimize energy usage with minimal user impact. AWS eliminates the need for peaker plants, providing the tools to enable a connected home and demand response, so you can deliver a better customer experience, reduce costs, and improve energy efficiency.


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