Operational Technology (OT) Transformation in Power & Utilities

With distribution of generation across the grid, lower cost batteries, and the new breed of connected devices require all utilities to retool the way they operate their part of the grid. AWS offers utilities the scale, elasticity, and security to implement IoT and HPC workloads, and robust machine learning capabilities to operate the complexities of today’s power grid. And AWS has a growing ecosystem of trusted partners to accelerate application modernization, enable interoperability with existing applications, without downtime.

Learn how Enel uses AWS as its platform for IoT and energy management

Use cases

  • Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMS)
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMS)
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMS)

    With lower cost batteries, the rise of prosumers, connected devices, and intermittent energy resources like solar, utilities need a new set of tools to optimize interconnected DERs based on real-time data. AWS big data analytics, machine learning (ML), and IoT capabilities allow companies to extract insights from millions of residential, commercial, and other assets to optimize the grid for stability, sustainability, cost, and safety. Leverage AWS to optimize the lifecycle and integration of distributed resources by securely connecting to and controlling equipment.


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