Sai shows you how to
assign an additional EBS volume
to an OpsWorks instance


What are best practices for attaching additional EBS volumes to AWS OpsWorks instances?

You can follow these instructions to register the EBS volumes with the stack, and then associate it with the OpsWorks instances.

Note: EBS volumes should be in xfs format only.

  1. Open the AWS OpsWorks console and select your stack.
  2. From the navigation pane, choose Resources, and then choose Volumes.
  3. Choose Register volumes, and then select the EBS volume that you want to register.
    Note: Make sure the volume is not attached to another instance. To register and de-register EBS volumes, the IAM policy should grant RegisterVolume, UpdateVolume, and DeregisterVolume. You cannot attach or detach an EBS volume from a running instance.
  4. Choose Register with Stack, and then choose assign to instance.
  5. In Mount point, enter the recommended value for your EBS volume. For more information, see Device Naming on Linux Instances.
  6. In the Instance drop down menu, choose your instance, and then choose Save.
  7. In the navigation pane, choose Instances, and then under Actions choose start.
  8. Wait for the instance to start, and then under Hostname choose your instance.
  9. In EC2 instance ID, select your instance.
  10. Choose the Description tab, and under Block devices, choose your device.
  11. In EBS ID, choose the volume ID. The EBS volume is now attached to your instance.

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Published: 2018-01-23