I tried to access the AWS GovCloud (US) region with my account, but I received this error:

Access to the AWS GovCloud (US) region has been denied because you did not meet one or more of prerequisites. Please contact support if you believe received this message in error.
You have already requested a GovCloud (US) account.
Please reach out to Customer Support

This error occurs when the AWS GovCloud (US) sign-up process wasn’t completed. You can resolve this error by completing the AWS GovCloud (US) sign-up process manually:

  1. Sign in using the root email address and password of the AWS account you used to request AWS GovCloud (US) access.
    Note: If you receive a "You are not authorized" error, or you are not prompted to enter your credentials to sign in, you might be already signed in with a different account. Sign out of your AWS account and try again.
  2. Choose a password for the Administrator IAM user, and be sure to choose a strong password.
    Note: This initial Administrator IAM user can later be used to create additional IAM users in your AWS GovCloud (US) account. If you want a name other than “Administrator”, you can change it later.
  3. Choose Sign Up.

Sign in to your account as the Administrator IAM user using the password you entered in Step 2. After you sign in successfully, take note of the 12-digit number at the beginning of the URL. This is your AWS GovCloud (US) account ID. Save the URL so you can easily sign in later and have a record of your account ID.

If these steps don’t resolve your issue, sign in to your standard AWS account and contact AWS Support.

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Published: 2016-09-16

Updated: 2017-11-20