How can I resolve DNS resolution or certificate mismatch errors for my API Gateway custom domain name?

Last updated: 2022-09-16

I configured a custom domain name for my Amazon API Gateway API. I am unable to connect to the domain name and receive DNS resolution or certificate mismatch errors. How can I resolve this?

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There are two types of custom domain names that you can create for API Gateway APIs: Regional or (for REST APIs only) edge-optimized.


Before creating a custom domain name for your API, you must do one of the following:

Request an SSL/TLS certificate from AWS Certificate Manager (ACM).
Import an SSL/TLS certificate into ACM.

For more information, see Getting certificates ready in AWS Certificate Manager.

To connect to a custom domain name for API Gateway APIs, you must configure Amazon Route 53 to route traffic to an API Gateway endpoint.


  • When configuring Route 53, you must create either a public hosted zone or a private hosted zone. For internet-facing applications with resources that you want to make available to users, choose a public hosted zone. For more information, see Working with hosted zones.
  • Route 53 uses records to determine where traffic is routed for your domain. Alias records provide easier DNS queries to AWS resources, while CNAME (non-alias) records can redirect DNS queries outside of AWS resources. For more information, see Choosing between alias and non-alias records.

For more information and instructions, see How do I define a custom domain name for my API Gateway API?

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