Qaisar shows you how to
associate an Elastic IP address
with a WorkSpace


I want to associate an Elastic IP address with a WorkSpace. How can I do this?

Follow these instructions to associate an Elastic IP address with a WorkSpace:

  1. Open the Amazon WorkSpaces console, choose your WorkSpace, expand the arrow, and note the WorkSpace IP.
    This is the private IP address of the WorkSpace.
  2. Open the Amazon EC2 console, choose Elastic IPs from the navigation pane, and then take note of the Elastic IP address you want to associate to your WorkSpace.
    Note: If you don’t have any Elastic IPs listed, you can choose Allocate new address.
  3. In the EC2 console, choose Network Interfaces from the navigation pane.
  4. In the search bar, enter the WorkSpace IP and then press Enter.
  5. Right-click the Network interface that was returned, and choose Associate address.
  6. From the Address drop-down menu, choose the Elastic IP identified at step 2, then choose Associate Address. You should receive the confirmation Associate address request succeeded.

You should now have the Elastic IP address successfully associated with your WorkSpace.

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Published: 2017-02-16