How can I find the AWS VAT registration number?

If you pay value-added tax (VAT), the AWS tax identification number appears in the footer of your downloadable tax invoice.

For private (non-business) customers in the European Union (except for Italy) or in Iceland, Amazon Web Services, Inc. is required to charge value-added tax (VAT) on sales of Amazon Web Services and AWS Marketplace services. You'll receive a tax invoice when applicable, which includes the AWS tax identification number.

For business customers in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, or the Russian Federation, see I have a VAT exemption—how do I add it to my AWS account? After your VAT number is added to your account and verified, AWS will not apply VAT on future purchases of Amazon Web Services sold by Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Note: You might have to self-account for VAT in your local VAT return for any purchases of products from Amazon Web Services, Inc and AWS Marketplace services.

For all customers in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, Amazon Web Services, Inc. is required to charge VAT on sales of Amazon Web Services as a non-established company supplier of electronically supplied services (ESS), regardless of your business status.

For more information on AWS VAT policies and procedures, see Tax Help. If you have further questions about how VAT applies to your AWS usage, consult your tax advisor.

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Published: 2016-03-24

Updated: 2018-04-09