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I have an existing Direct Connect connection with active traffic, and I want to increase the bandwidth of my physical connection by using a link aggregation group (LAG). How can I achieve this with minimal downtime?

You can increase the aggregate bandwidth of your Direct Connect connections by using a LAG with graceful migration of traffic and minimal downtime by performing these two tasks:

  • Provision a new graceful LAG bundle to add more capacity.
  • Associate the existing connection with the new LAG bundle.

A virtual interface (dxvif-A) is associated with a Direct Connect connection (dxcon-A) and is actively passing traffic. In order to increase the aggregate bandwidth by using a LAG, provision another Direct Connect connection (dxcon-B). Make sure you take note of the AWS device IDs of the respective Direct Connect connections.

  • To create a LAG bundle using two or more Direct Connect connections, it is important that the AWS device IDs are the same, because multi-chassis LAG is not supported.
  • In the Amazon Direct Connect console, choose Create LAG, and then choose the standalone connection.
  • Enter a LAG Name for the bundle (LAG-A), set the Minimum Links value, and then choose Create.
  • Associate the active connection (dxcon-A) with the LAG-A bundle. Choose Actions, Associate Connection.
  • Choose the Direct Connect connection to be associated with LAG bundle, and then choose Continue.

Note: The Associate Connection option associates the physical connection with the LAG and automatically migrates the virtual interface associated with the Direct connect connection to the LAG bundle. This can be verified by comparing the virtual interface ID's Connection field that is now associated with the LAG bundle's ID.

  • To minimize downtime, you can pre-stage the configuration of the existing virtual interfaces on the corresponding LAG interfaces on your end. After the virtual interfaces are migrated on the AWS end, traffic traversed over the LAG bundle.

You have increased the aggregate bandwidth by forming a LAG bundle that has two Direct Connect connections and migrated the corresponding virtual interfaces.

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Published: 2017-07-28