I configured an Amazon CloudWatch billing alarm according to the instructions at Creating a Billing Alarm, but I didn’t receive the billing alert by email that I expected. Why not?

Make sure of the following:

  • You’ve enabled billing alerts for your account. If billing alerts are not enabled, billing alerts will not be sent to the email address or addresses you specified.
  • You’ve confirmed your email address in the CloudWatch console. If the email address you configured wasn’t confirmed successfully, alerts will not be sent.
  • Sufficient time has passed for the alarm to trigger and for the alert to be delivered to you. Alerts can take a few hours to arrive after the CloudWatch alarm is triggered. 

If all of these are true, review the instructions at Creating a Billing Alarm to make sure you didn’t miss any steps while configuring your billing alarm.

If you’re sure that your CloudWatch alarm is configured correctly, contact AWS Support for help.

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Published: 2016-09-30