I want to close or cancel my Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. How do I do that?

When you close your AWS account, the following things happen:

  • You are unsubscribed from all AWS services, and any resources on your account are marked for deletion. Back up any resources or data you want to keep before closing your account. For instructions on how you might back up a particular resource, see the documentation for that service.
  • Your access to the AWS Management Console is restricted. You can still sign in to your account, view your past billing information, and contact AWS Support. AWS does not delete account information (for example, email addresses, payment methods, or passwords), which means it's possible to reopen your account later if you want.
  • Billing for on-demand charges stops, but you might still receive charges for previous usage. If you use any services during the month that you close the account, you might still receive a charge. If you purchased Reserved Instances or subscriptions through the AWS Marketplace, you are charged according to the terms of those subscriptions, even if your account is closed.

Note: For security reasons, AWS Support can't close an account on your behalf.

To close your AWS account:

  1. Sign in to your account and navigate to the Account Settings page.
  2. Scroll to the Close Account heading.
  3. Choose the check box and choose Close Account.
  4. In the confirmation box, choose Close Account.

You should receive email confirmation that your account has been closed successfully within a few minutes.

Note: If you want to close the master account in an organization, first delete the organization.

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Published: 2015-04-16

Updated: 2018-03-07