Creation of an AWS CloudFormation stack is stuck in the status CREATE_IN_PROGRESS or UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS when creating or updating an Auto Scaling group.

This condition typically occurs when there are problems with the resource that is being created or updated, causing the stack to eventually fail. If there is no timeout parameter specified for the stack, it takes longer for the stack to reach the CREATE_FAILED or UPDATE_FAILED state.

For example, in this snippet, more than 25 minutes have elapsed, and the resource is still in the CREATE_IN_PROGRESS state:

13:45:09 CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::AutoScaling::AutoScalingGroup AWSEBAutoScalingGroup
13:05:09 CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::AutoScaling::AutoScalingGroup AWSEBAutoScalingGroup
  • If possible, check the exact resource that CloudFormation is stuck creating. Auto Scaling often provides clear error messages to describe events that prevent instances from launching.
  • Make sure that you are not exceeding the AWS limits for the resources that you want to create. For example, if the CloudFormation template specifies two EC2 instances but your instance count is currently at 19 with an upper limit of 20, the stack creation fails.

Note: When CloudFormation creates, updates, or deletes a resource, it issues multiple API calls to your account to check the status of the resource. CloudFormation compares the API calls to the expected state as defined in your template. The creation or update of a resource shows as IN_PROGRESS until the resource reaches the desired state. For some resources, however, the desired state might not be achievable. CloudFormation will continue to retry until an internally defined timeout period.

For additional information, see Troubleshooting AWS CloudFormation.

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Published: 2015-09-01

Updated: 2017-10-19