Creation of an AWS CloudFormation stack fails, with the error message "Route did not stabilize in expected time."

This error typically occurs when incorrect values are assigned to one of the properties of the type AWS::EC2::Route.

For example, in the following snippet, the incorrect value of a VPC peering connection (pcx-123456) is assigned to the Internet gateway (GatewayId) property:

      "Type" : "AWS::EC2::Route",
      "Properties" : {
           "DestinationCidrBlock" : "",
           "GatewayId" : "pcx-123456",
           "RouteTableId" : {"Ref":"MyRouteTable"},

Ensure that you assign the right value to the corresponding property; for example:

      "GatewayId" : "igw-123456",
      "InstanceId" : "i-123456",
      "VpcPeeringConnectionId" : "pcx-123456",
      "NetworkInterfaceId" : "eni-123456",

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