How do I resolve the “Route did not stabilize in expected time” error in AWS CloudFormation?

Last updated: 2019-06-28

I tried to create an AWS CloudFormation stack, but the stack failed. Then, I received the following error message: "Route did not stabilize in expected time." How do I resolve this error?

Short Description

This error occurs if you assign incorrect values to any property of the AWS::EC2::Route type that requires an ID (for example, GatewayId).

For example, the value of a NatGatewayId property is incorrectly assigned to the GatewayId property in the following code snippet:

     "Type" : "AWS::EC2::Route",
         "Properties" :  {
          "DestinationCidrBlock" : "",
          "GatewayId" : "nat-0a12bc456789de0fg",
          "RouteTableId" : {"Ref":"MyRouteTable"}


Assign the correct value to the corresponding property. See the following example:

"GatewayId" : "igw-eaad4883"
"NatGatewayId" : "nat-0a12bc456789de0fg"

Important: To get more information about the stack failure, check AWS CloudTrail events that correspond to the failure.

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