Lawrence shows you how
to configure a service role
and instance profile
for CodeDeploy


How do I configure an AWS CodeDeploy service role and instance profile?

Service roles and instance profiles are key components of a CodeDeploy deployment group.

A service role allows CodeDeploy to interact with other AWS services on your behalf, such as Amazon EC2, Auto Scaling, tags, AWS CloudWatch, and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS). You can create a service role using the AWS Management Console or the AWS CLI.

An instance profile allows EC2 instances to make API calls to other services; successful CodeDeploy deployments require that related EC2 instances have permissions to access the Amazon S3 buckets where CodeDeploy stores its applications. You can create an instance profile using the AWS Management Console or the AWS CLI.

Note: Your application or use case might require additional permissions.

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Published: 2016-09-22