I want to configure a backup VPN connection for failover with my AWS Direct Connect connection. What are some recommendations and best practices?

To configure the hardware VPN as a backup for your Direct Connect connection:

  • Be sure that you use the same virtual private gateway for both Direct Connect and the VPN connection to the VPC.
  • If you are configuring a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) VPN, advertise the same prefix for Direct Connect and the VPN.
  • If you are configuring a static VPN, add the same static prefixes to the VPN connection that you are announcing with the Direct Connect virtual interface.
  • If you are advertising the same routes toward the AWS VPC, the Direct Connect path is always be preferred, regardless of AS path prepending.

Important: Be sure that Direct Connect is the preferred route from your end, and not over VPN when the Direct Connect virtual interface is up in order to avoid asymmetric routing; this might cause traffic to be dropped. We always prefer a Direct Connect connection over VPN routes. For information on route priority and routing options, see Route Priority.

Note: If you want a short-term or lower-cost solution, you might consider configuring a hardware VPN as a failover option for a Direct Connect connection. VPN connections are not designed to provide the same level of bandwidth available to most Direct Connect connections. Ensure that your use case or application can tolerate a lower bandwidth if you are configuring a VPN as a backup to a Direct Connect connection.  

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Published: 2017-07-06