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"Conflict among chosen gateway IP addresses" errors


When I try to create a VPN, I receive the error message “Conflict among chosen gateway IP addresses” and I am unable to create the VPN. How do I resolve this?

This error message is displayed when you try to create a VPN with a customer gateway IP address that’s already in use by another VPN connection in the same region, even when that IP address is associated with a different AWS account.

Note: This error occurs only if you specify a customer gateway IP address that is in use by a VPN connection that was created before October 2015.

Make sure that your VPN customer gateway IP address is not already in use by another VPN connection in the same region.

In October 2015, AWS introduced a new VPN feature that allows you to use the same customer gateway IP address to build more than one VPN in the same region. To use this feature, create a new virtual private gateway in the VPC console by following these instructions:

  1. Open the Amazon VPC console.
  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Virtual Private Gateways.
  3. Choose Create Virtual Private Gateway.
  4. Give the virtual private gateway a meaningful name and choose Yes, Create.
  5. In the left navigation pane, choose VPN Connections.
  6. Choose Create VPN connection.
  7. Detach the old virtual private gateway from your VPC and attach the new one.

Note: This process will result in some downtime for your virtual private gateway and associated VPN.

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Published: 2016-07-06