How do I find missing call recordings in Amazon Connect?

Last updated: 2022-07-25

I am trying to find a call recording in Amazon Connect, but the recording does not exist. How do I troubleshoot?

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Amazon Connect enables you to store call recordings of customer interactions in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). For a call recording to be generated in the Amazon Connect console, the following conditions must be met:

If these conditions are met and the call recording can't be located, then proceed to the resolution steps to resolve the issue.


Complete the following steps to verify that the call recording is present in Amazon Connect:

  1. Open the Amazon Connect console using an account with permissions to review call recording.
  2. From the navigation pane, choose Analytics, and then choose Contact Search.
  3. In the Contact search page, review the Recording/Transcript column to confirm that a call recording was generated.
  4. If a call recording is present, select the Contact ID to verify that the recording is attached to the contact trace record (CTR).

Recording is not created in Amazon Connect

If Amazon Connect didn't create the call recording, review the following steps to troubleshoot.

Check the contact flow configuration

Review the contact flow log to verify that the contact flow block Set recording and analytics behavior activates the call recording before the customer is connected to an agent for the interaction.

    "ContactId": "12ef1cf2-922b-9865-b18b-362564cc9be8",
    "ContactFlowId": "xyz:aws:connect:alocation:123:instance/112232-c123-12bc-345a-d7e8a9b1bf23/contact-flow/b70334ed-8847-4efd-b2a7-cbbbd6da330c",
    "ContactFlowName": "Sample inbound flow (first contact experience)",
    "ContactFlowModuleType": "SetRecordingBehavior",
    "Timestamp": "2022-06-21T17:15:51.966Z",
    "Parameters": {
        "RecordingBehaviorOption": "Enable",
        "RecordingParticipantOption": "All"

The following are common scenarios where calls aren't recorded:

Example1: If the Set recording and analytics behavior block is later in the contact flow after the agent and customer are connected and the call disconnects before reaching the block, then the contact isn't recorded.

Example 2: There is an external transfer. Though the Set recording and analytics behavior block is present in the contact flow, the contact isn't recorded. Confirm by tracing the Contact flow logs for information about Transfer to phone number, if present.

Check the Amazon S3 bucket policy

For instances created before October 2018, review your Amazon S3 bucket policy to confirm that Amazon Connect instances have the appropriate permissions for the assumed role.

  1. Review the CloudTrail logs to verify whether the Amazon Connect instance assumed role is getting an access denied error. The user or application trying to access the S3 bucket must have appropriate permissions.
  2. Validate the IAM user’s permissions and update the policy to grant permissions.

For instances created after October 2018, Amazon Connect uses service-linked roles (SLR) to connect to Amazon S3 and provides access to one S3 bucket at a time.

Recording is created in Amazon Connect but can't be located in Amazon S3

If Amazon Connect created the call recordings, but the recordings can't be located in the S3 bucket, complete the following steps to troubleshoot.

Confirm the recording name

Most call recordings for specific contact IDs are named with the contact ID prefix itself. However, the contact IDs and name of the contact recording file don't always match. Use the Contact ID to search for call recordings on the Contact search page to find the correct recording by referring to the audio file on the contact's record.

Recording name example:


Important: Call recordings for customer callback aren't named with the contact ID prefix.

Check whether the S3 bucket has changed

If the S3 bucket information has changed, then the instance doesn't have permissions to access the previous S3 bucket.

For example, if "bucket A" is used in January and then on February 1 the bucket is changed to "bucket B," all calls and recordings created after February 1 are stored in ‘bucket B’. Calls and recordings created in January and stored in "bucket A" are visible in the console but can't be accessed because the recordings aren't stored in the current bucket.

Check the CallRecordingUploadError metric

The CallRecordingUploadError CloudWatch metric records the number of call recordings that failed to upload to the Amazon S3 bucket configured for your instance.
Note: CallRecordingUploadError retries within 24 hours and doesn't always indicate complete failure. As each retry fails, a new data point appears in the metric. If you can't locate the recording after 24 hours, raise a Support case. Provide the contact ID, contact flow logs, and CTR screenshots for review in your Support case.

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