How do I port my phone number that's not registered in the US or Canada (non +1 country code) in Amazon Connect?

Last updated: 2022-08-22

I am trying to port my non-US (non +1 country code) numbers in Amazon Connect, but I am not sure how I can do this. How do I start the process for porting my numbers?


Create a support case to port your telephone numbers into Amazon Connect. Submit the port request only when you are prepared to port the telephone number because it can be difficult to cancel or change the request after it has started.

Note: This process is for phone numbers not registered in the US or Canada. For all other numbers, see How do I port my phone number registered in the US or Canada (+1 country code) in Amazon Connect?

Include the following information when submitting your case to AWS Support:

  • Telephone number, including all digits and any leading zeros
  • Number type (local/DID, toll-free, ITFS, UIFN, and so on)
  • Country that the number is registered in
  • Name of the current carrier
  • Account number with current carrier, as well as any PIN or billing telephone number information
  • Copy of an invoice or bill with current carrier, with sensitive information redacted
  • Amazon Connect target instance ARN
  • Exact name of the contact flow where the numbers must be mapped to after receiving porting approval
    Note: Specifying the contact flow information allows AWS Support to map the number to a contact flow when adding the telephone number to the Amazon Connect instance. This helps to avoid downtime during the porting process.
  • Preferred porting window timeframe
    Note: AWS Support will attempt to meet the window timeframe, but can't guarantee to meet it.

After submitting the port request, it takes up to five business days to check telephone number portability with our carriers. If the number is portable, then AWS Support will reach out for more information.

Note: AWS Support notifies you if there is a cost to port an international number before submitting the port to the current carrier.

After AWS Support collects all additional information and completed forms from you, the information is submitted to our partner carrier. Then, the partner carrier submits the port request to the current carrier. If the current carrier accepts the request to port, they propose a porting date. This is known as the mutual acceptance of a port. Mutual port acceptance takes from five to fifteen business days to complete after all correct and completed forms are submitted. At this point, your preferred porting window timeframe is considered. The international number porting process varies by country, carrier, and local regulations. The porting process is completed on the scheduled date and time provided to you by AWS Support.

AWS Support informs you when the process is complete and successful porting has been verified. It's best practice for you to test the ported numbers by placing test calls to make sure that the attached contact flow is initiated.

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