Frank shows you how to
connect to an RDS MySQL DB instance
using MySQL Workbench


How do I connect to my RDS instance running MySQL using MySQL Workbench?

Before you begin, make sure that the security group associated with your DB instance allows traffic to and from the device you will use to connect to it. For more information, see Amazon RDS Security Groups.

After you've downloaded and installed MySQL Workbench, you'll need to specify the host name and port of your DB instance, which are both included in the DB instance's endpoint.

You can find the endpoint of the DB instance by selecting it in the Instances pane of the RDS console. An endpoint is composed of two strings--the string before the colon is the host name of the instance, and the string after the colon is the port. For example, consider the following example endpoint:

For this endpoint, is the host name for the instance, and 3306 is the port.

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Published: 2017-02-09