Which line items and columns in the Cost and Usage Report are applicable to my Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances?

There are three different types of line items relevant to Reserved Instances in the Cost and Usage Report:

  • Upfront fees you paid when the Reserved Instance was activated are in the Fee line item.
  • Recurring monthly charges associated with the Reserved Instance are in the RI Fee line item. This item is calculated by multiplying your discounted hourly rate by the number of hours in the month.
    Note: For Reserved Instances that are scoped to a particular Availability Zone, the Availability Zone appears in the reservation/AvailabilityZone column.
  • Instances that have received a Reserved Instance discount are in the DiscountedUsage line item. The cost associated with this item is always zero because the charges associated with Reserved Instances have already been accounted for in the Fee and RI Fee line items.

The UsageAmount column shows the number of hours used, and the NormalizedUsageAmount is the usage amount multiplied by the normalization factor of the instance. When a Reserved Instance benefit discount is applied to a matching line item of usage, the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) in the reservation/ReservationARN column matches the ARN value in the discounted usage line items.

To understand how instance size flexibility provided by your Reserved Instance is applied to your usage, check the lineItem/NormalizationFactor and lineItem/NormalizedUsageAmount columns. Regional Reserved Instances have values in the lineitem/NormalizationFactor and reservation/TotalReservedNormalizedUnits columns that correspond to the instance size.

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Published: 2017-07-20