I received a charge from Amazon that I think might be from Amazon Web Services. How can I be sure?

All Amazon Web Services (AWS) charges are billed using the charge description "AMAZON WEB SERVICES." If the charge you see appears to be an Amazon-related charge, but does not have "AMAZON WEB SERVICES" as the charge description, consider contacting Amazon.com support for assistance.

Note: Some financial institutions might shorten the full "AMAZON WEB SERVICES" charge description on financial statements because of character limits. You might occasionally see "AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS AMAZON.COM" on your credit card statement for charges related to AWS offerings.

If the charge is an AWS charge, you can view your monthly AWS statements by signing into the Billing and Cost Management console of the AWS account generating the charges. If you have questions about the charges related to an AWS account, contact AWS Support, and then choose Account and Billing Support.

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Published: 2016-09-30

Updated: 2018-07-05