I am experiencing an issue with my ECS cluster and want to gather log files for troubleshooting purposes. What kind of logs do I need and how do I easily collect them?

You want to collect log files to troubleshoot an issue related to ECS or Docker; however, you do not know where or how to search for these files, or how to enable debugging at both the Docker and ECS levels. You can use the ecs-logs-collector tool to gather these log files for you.

Download and install the ecs-logs-collector script from AWS labs on GitHub; for additional information, see the readme file at https://github.com/awslabs/ecs-logs-collector. Reproduce the issue on the ECS instance and run the script.

Consider the following sample code and run as root user:

# wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/awslabs/ecs-logs-collector/master/ecs-logs-collector.sh

# bash ecs-logs-collector.sh

This script enables debugging for Docker and ECS agent (only available for Amazon Linux), and a zip file is created containing logs for OS, Docker, and ECS agent. These logs can be provided to AWS Support for debugging and troubleshooting.

Note: This script restarts the ECS agent and Docker, causing all running containers on the instance to stop. Only tasks that are part of a service are restarted automatically. Any containers that are managed outside of ECS (cAdvisor, log collectors, etc.) are not restarted unless they have been configured to do so.

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Published: 2016-10-04