Qaisar shows you how to
update the DeleteOnTermination
setting for your EBS volume


I want to change the DeleteOnTermination value for the EBS volume attached to my Windows EC2 instance from True to False. How can I do this?

When an instance is terminated, Amazon EC2 uses the value of the DeleteOnTermination attribute for each attached Amazon EBS volume to determine whether to preserve or delete the volume. By default, the DeletionOnTermination attribute for the root volume of an instance is set to true and set to false for all other volume types. 

You can change the DeleteOnTerminate attribute to false by using the Amazon EC2 console or the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). To change the DeleteOnTerminate attribute to false, follow the instructions at Preserving Amazon EBS Volumes on Instance Termination.

Note: You can change the DeleteOnTerminate attribute by using the EC2 console only when you launch an instance. You must use the AWS CLI when the instance already exists.

After following these instructions, the DeleteOnTermination attribute should be set to False for the volume of your Windows EC2 instance.

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Published: 2017-01-06