Amily shows you how to
download an AWS invoice
for your records


I want to download a copy of a previous month's invoice for record-keeping purposes.

You can download an invoice from the Bills page of the Billing and Cost Management console:

1.    Choose a month from the Date drop-down menu.

2.    Expand the Service Charges heading.

3.    Choose the invoice ID link you want to download.
Note: If you made one-time purchases, such as EC2 Reserved Instances, additional invoices are available for each of these purchases under the New Purchases and Adjustments heading.

A PDF invoice shows the information associated with your payment method (name, address, and so on), and not the information associated with your AWS account. The invoice lists only charges, and doesn't show whether the invoice was paid.

If you want a value-added tax (VAT) invoice instead, see How do I get an invoice for the VAT I paid on my AWS usage?

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Published: 2016-03-23

Updated: 2018-06-28