I've stopped all my Amazon EC2 instances, but I'm still receiving charges for EBS storage. How can I stop EBS charges accruing on my account for instances I'm not using?

Amazon EBS storage charges depend on how much EBS storage is provisioned to your account (measured in "gigabyte-months"). EC2 instances only accrue charges while they're running, but EBS volumes attached to instances continue to retain information and accrue charges, even when the instance is stopped. For more information about how EBS is billed, see Amazon EBS Pricing.

To stop EBS-related charges, delete EBS volumes and EBS snapshots you don't need.

EBS snapshots are billed at a lower rate than active EBS volumes are. You can minimize your EBS charges but retain the information stored in EBS for later use by creating a snapshot of the volume as a backup and then deleting the active volume. Later, when you need the information stored in the snapshot, you can restore the EBS volume from the snapshot for use with your infrastructure.

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Published: 2016-02-18

Updated: 2017-03-22