I tried to buy a particular EC2 Reserved Instance through the AWS Management Console, but I can’t see any Reserved Instances or I receive an error after choosing Search. Why can’t I purchase a Reserved Instance through the console?

Purchasing an EC2 Reserved Instance is entirely self-service—here are some common reasons that you might not see the Reserved Instances you’re looking for:

  • We can’t guarantee the capacity you’re looking for. Consider purchasing capacity in a different Availability Zone in the same region.
  • You’ve reached your limit for Reserved Instances in a region. For information about viewing and increasing your Reserved Instance limit, see Amazon EC2 Service Limits.
  • You’re purchasing a No Upfront Reserved Instance with a new AWS account. New accounts can’t purchase No Upfront Reserved Instances right away—see Why can't I purchase a No Upfront Reserved Instance?
  • We don’t offer a Reserved Instance with the specifications you entered. The EC2 Management console won’t let you purchase a reservation for an instance configuration we don’t offer. For example, AWS doesn’t offer a t1.micro instance with Dedicated tenancy, so you can’t purchase an RI for one.

If none of these reasons apply to you, contact AWS Support for help.

Note: AWS Support cannot purchase Reserved Instances on your behalf.

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Published: 2016-04-08

Updated: 2017-06-09