How is the pricing benefit of a Reserved Instance applied across an organization's consolidated bill?

At least one account in an organization must be running an instance that matches the specifications of the Reserved Instance for the organization to benefit from Reserved Instance pricing on their consolidated bill.

If multiple accounts are running an instance that matches the terms of the Reserved Instance, the pricing benefit will apply to one of those instances at a time.

For additional information, see the line item for the “blended rate” of that instance that is displayed on the bill of any member account that is running an instance that matches the specifications of a Reserved Instance in the organization. Blended rates are calculated by averaging the pricing benefit of one or more Reserved Instances over all the instances that match that reservation in the organization. The more Reserved Instances that match that instance type, the lower the blended cost will be. For a more in-depth explanation of blended costs, see Blended Rates.

You can also use Cost Explorer to get a more in-depth look at your Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance costs by following the instructions at Cost Explorer Cost and Usage Views.

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Published: 2016-04-08

Updated: 2017-10-26