I received notification of a scheduled maintenance window for my Amazon ElastiCache node, but I need to postpone the scheduled maintenance. How can I do this?

AWS periodically schedules maintenance windows for ElastiCache nodes, typically to update the underlying hardware or ElastiCache instances. AWS notifies ElastiCache customers when maintenance windows are scheduled, because the associated ElastiCache nodes are inaccessible during the maintenance window.

You can postpone scheduled maintenance for up to a week, but you can't modify the maintenance window to occur before it is scheduled. You can also manually replace the node before the scheduled maintenance window. When you manage a replacement yourself, your node receives the scheduled update immediately when you relaunch the node, and your scheduled maintenance window is canceled.

Depending on the type of ElastiCache engine that you are using (Redis or Memcached), you can pursue other options. To change your maintenance window to a more convenient time, you can either use the ModifyCacheCluster API or choose Modify in the ElastiCache console. For Memcached, you can just delete and then re-create the clusters. For more information about these options, see Amazon ElastiCache Maintenance Help Page.

Note: ElastiCache sends scheduled maintenance window notifications to customers only for planned upgrades or patches. To adjust the preferred maintenance window for your cache clusters during normal operations, see Modifying an ElastiCache Cluster or Modifying a Replication Group.

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Published: 2016-1-27

Updated: 2018-12-05