My Amazon EMR cluster instance group changed to an ARRESTED state after I tried to increase the number of cluster nodes. Now I can't modify the instance group.

When you add more cluster nodes to your instance group, Amazon EMR launches the new instances with the same configuration that was specified for the initial cluster launch. However, sometimes changes that you make after the cluster launches prevent new cluster instances from starting. If Amazon EMR can't launch new instances, then the status of the cluster instance group changes to ARRESTED.

Check for these common causes of an ARRESTED state:

  • A bootstrap action used during the initial cluster launch is either modified or missing.
  • The virtual private cloud (VPC), security groups, or access control lists (ACLs) associated with the cluster's instances are modified.
  • The AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions for the roles used by the cluster instance group are modified.

After you resolve the underlying issue, then reset the desired number of nodes on the cluster's instance group, as described in Arrested State.

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Published: 2016-05-20

Updated: 2018-12-26